3 Easy Ways to Push Yourself to a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Everyone wants to live coherently with the environment but it seems too daunting of a task if we don’t know how to.Frankly speaking we are so wrapped up in every day life to take up additional challenges .Here are some few easy everyday steps that can make an impact and can baby-step us into a environment conscious way of living without much effort and sacrifice.~Kavi


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Those words have echoed through schools over the past decade but with the increasing evidence for global warming, many are now taking the 3 R’s to the logical extreme: Zero Waste. It’s a life philosophy that aims to eliminate the need for landfills by putting in your share in saving the planet. It’s pretty difficult to get to completely null your waste production, so  we’ve outlined the 3 easiest ways to at least get started in your zero waste lifestyle. If we all put in our share, it’ll surely have a huge impact on the environment!

Most who truly care about the environment do it in a very lazy way and this mentality needs to stop. Walking or car pooling every now and then, recycling when it’s convenient, etc. Without taking responsibility for our own actions, nothing will change. When you actively try to reduce your waste, it’s hard not to recognize just how wasteful we are. Starting your personal green revolution will change you, especially if you stick with it. A great example is the blog of New York’s Lauren Singer, Trash is for Tossers. Singer adopted the zero waste lifestyle and urges others to join her, giving tips on how to reduce waste and how to live sustainably (even in a big city)! Her waste from the past 2 years fits inside a single mason jar, with room to spare – it’s really admirable.


Zero Waste Target #1: Disposable Coffee Cups
Solution: Reusable Thermos

If you drink as much coffee as I do, coffee cups add up extremely fast. It’s either I don’t get enough sleep or I’m just not truly awake in the morning, but I need my caffeine. The problem here is that I’m usually in a rush to hit the office in the morning so I’ll pick up my fix on the way. The solution here is to bring a thermos around with you – some coffee shops will actually give you a discount when filling up and the volume is often more than you’d normally pay off. Double win. However, if you’ve got the time in your morning routine, I highly suggest brewing your own since it saves you so much money and you can compost the coffee grinds for your home garden.


Zero Waste Target #2: Paper Towels

Solution: Tea Towels

The average office worker uses lots of paper towels in a day between drying hands and dishes. It’s enough to fill a mason jar quickly; Lauren Singer would not approve. Bring 2 tea towels with you regularly for your hands and dishes. Just make sure you have a place to hang them up to dry, otherwise your bag will start to smell bad.



Zero Waste Target #3: Food Packaging
Solution: Mason Jars and Reusable Bags.

Farmer’s markets are going to become your best friend overnight since their produce has no packaging and it’s much fresher than what you’d find at the average supermarket. Reusable organic cotton bags are your best bet for fresh produce, while mason jars are better for grains, nuts, oils and flour. Mason jars are the standard choice since they have a standardized weight to them – when you get to the cashier, they weigh your entire jar and subtract the weight of the jar. Of course, if you upcycle your own jars, you can just weigh it and write the weight in permanent marker.

We can guarantee that if you take these 3 steps towards a zero waste lifestyle, you’ll become very self-conscious about the other waste you create in your life. Guilt will get the better of you and you’ll start taking more and more steps to eliminating waste. Good luck!


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