Shanghai Mamas Online Talk About Primary School

When you are the parent of a school age kid meeting another parent, you know one of the first questions is “so what school does your kid attend?” Debating the merits of the international schools is a popular pastime for international families. We thought we could simplify the research process by collecting dozens of insider’s opinions on schools throughout Shanghai into a single online forum.

For the 6th year, Shanghai Mamas is facilitating a discussion with parent volunteers from primary schools all over Shanghai. Parents will complete a detailed 25 question questionnaire that covers almost every aspect of daily life in primary school. We will organize and publish the anonymous responses on the ShMamas website during the second week of February.

Do you have a primary aged school kid attending grades 1-5 in Shanghai? We want to hear your perspective about your family’s experience with the school. We will email you a questionnaire to complete before Feb 10. Drop us a note for more information about speaking about a school or have other or WeChat ID melanieham

A quick FAQ:

Q: I want to speak about my child’s school, but what if I have something negative to say? I worry this could impact his future at the school.

A: Your answers will be anonymous and only the ShMamas moderating team will know the identity of the parents. You will be given a unique site username/password to use in discussion about your school.

Q: I have a 6th grader at the school, do you want to hear from me?

A: While our primary focus will be grades 1-5, if you have an older student we would love to have your perspective, too. Please complete the form and be sure to note that you have a middle schooler.

Q: I’m a teacher/administrator at the school. Can I contribute to the discussion?

A: We welcome your input in the forums if you identify your role with the school. If you are a teacher and a parent at the school, we ask you to disclose this in your questionnaire for transparency purposes.

Q: My school is very big and I’m sure someone else has offered to speak about it. Would you want more than one parent perspective?

A: Absolutely! We welcome a variety of parent voices and perspectives on each school.