Getting Out There – A Volunteers Experience

Connecting with the migrant communities in Shanghai through volunteering There is one goal that I must try to achieve whenever I move to a new country and that is: connect with and contribute to the local community. Developing genuine relationships and participating in the lives of the local people are certainly on top of my … Continued

Baklava Snowball Cookies

By Recipe Nomad A perfect, easy to make, winter treat! Have you ever had a Snowball Cookie? They’re small bite-sized cookies are rolled in powdered sugar and melt in your mouth. I’ve seen a variation of them in lots of different cookbooks from around the world. Even in Lebanon, a Snowball Cookie is very similar to flour-based … Continued

The Two Most Common Resolutions, And How to Achieve Them Safely & Effectively

It’s that time of year. All over the news, social media, and in homes around the nation, people are making their New Year’s resolutions. Whether they share them with us or not, teenagers also set resolutions. But in a world full of dangerous detoxes, quick fixes, and all-or-nothing thinking, it’s important that they are equipped … Continued

Trump’s Granddaughter Can Speak Chinese

The 2016 general election in the US is finally over and it was a big surprise win when Donald Trump emerged as the 45th president of the United States. During his presidential campaign, Trump was publicly unfriendly to China; however, his 4 year old granddaughter (daughter of Ivanka Trump), Arabella, has been learning the Chinese … Continued

Why parents are the better leaders

Earlier this year I flew with Lufthansa and while we had to wait around an hour at Shanghai’s Pudong airport before the plane was allowed to take off, and as the passengers were waiting quietly, I could hear a few of the stewardesses sitting behind me talking.  So when I saw an article about their … Continued

Classic Sage Stuffing

By Recipe Nomad I’ve been making this Classic Sage Stuffing recipe for thanksgiving since the first time I hosted thanksgiving dinner. Actually it’s my moms recipe that I’ve hijacked and tweaked a little bit over the years. My Classic Sage Stuffing is the reason Mr. Nomad insists that we host the big dinner every year … Continued

Easy Baked Muesli Bars

by Recipe Nomad Easy Baked Muesli Bars are a zillion times better than store bought granola bars! Ok so I’m going to be honest. Everyone loves muesli in their yogurt. It’s a great way to start your morning, healthy blah… blah… So I tried it. I do not like muesli in my yogurt. Nope, I … Continued