Common Emotional and Relationship Issues for Today’s Woman

Common Emotional and Relationship Issues for Today’s Woman By Bibiana Rueda Bueno, Holistic Psychologist The devaluation of the feminine energy and our attempts to fit into roles assigned by society and others plays a part in many of the emotional and relationship issues women face today. Understanding how these issues are affect our lives and … Continued

Sourcing Safe & Delicious Meat In Shanghai

  Sourcing Safe & Delicious Meat In Shanghai As parents, we constantly worry about what we are putting into our children’s mouths, and living abroad brings new questions and challenges. As guests in a foreign country we need to be more vigilant. From food quantity to food quality, feeding China’s massive population is no easy … Continued

When enough is enough

  When Enough is Enough by Shirani Alfreds It is time to ‘fess up. At least for me. I need to take a chill pill.  I’ve been running around in circles the past few months, unsatisfied with certain aspects of my older daughter’s schooling system. So, it was time to either fix the situation or take … Continued

Making Friends: A Shanghai Expat’s guide

Making Friends: A Shanghai Expat’s Guide by Casey Hall LifeLineShanghai Of the many challenges facing foreigners when they move to Shanghai – and there are many – the loss of a support network is often the hardest to overcome.Living as an expat can feel like an unreal existence. In “real” life, people form friendships through … Continued

Mindful Me, Mindful Little Me

Mindful Me, Mindful Little Me   This increasingly popular life skill and mindset for adults can be cultivated through breath awareness meditation and other present moment practices, but is it possible to get little ones to sit still, pay attention and become more calm and focused too?     Mindfulness is the practice of paying … Continued

Brace yourself: Puresmile tells us all about orthodontics

An Interview With Dr. Chan, By Siobhan Brown        For parents that are considering orthodontic work for their children (braces and wisdom teeth removal being the most common) this article has important information for you to consider. Orthodontists are specialists who correct alignment and straighten teeth and their work is essential to patients … Continued

Fantastic CNY Reads and Where to Find Them

by Jackie Park     Shanghai Mamas has very kindly been given permission to reprint this article, which originally appeared on Jackie’s blog, , bringing up her two small children in their Chinese-Malaysian-Filipina-Korean mixed family in Beijing. Please check it out for more interesting articles (no VPN required).    Last week, Jackie featured Miss … Continued

Childhood Asthma: Care and Cure with TCM

By Doris Rathgeber, Founder & General Manager of Body & Soul – Medical Clinics         Pediatric asthma is a fairly common condition, with approximately 10% of children suffering from it. Kids tend to develop asthma between the ages of four and five. When an acute outbreak occurs, early symptoms are mild chest … Continued