Baklava Snowball Cookies

By Recipe Nomad

A perfect, easy to make, winter treat!


Have you ever had a Snowball Cookie? They’re small bite-sized cookies are rolled in powdered sugar and melt in your mouth. I’ve seen a variation of them in lots of different cookbooks from around the world. Even in Lebanon, a Snowball Cookie is very similar to flour-based Ma’moul and to Ghrabiye. All three of these cookies just melt in your mouth and are loaded with flavor!

Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with them! With a simple base- no eggs, no milk, no baking powder or soda… so simple- you can add anything you want to your Snowballs. So why not add baklava flavors? I love anything baklava. I’ve experimented with a few baklava-inspired recipes, which I still need to perfect them before I share them with you…


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Hanady Awada (Recipe Nomad) is a food lover wandering the world with a cookbook and a fork. She’s a loving mother of 3, and has lived in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and since 2013 in China.

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