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Blog by: Shanghai Mammas Team
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Dragon Mama

Shirani Alfreds is an expat mother of two living in Shanghai, and writes about her experiences in a regular "Dragon Mama" blog for Urban Family magazine. Shirani is a dragon mama because she was born in the year of the dragon, not because...

Blog by: Shirani Alfreds
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I’m a Grown Up

"Public transport, toddlers, fish and other worries".

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Jen Kinney

Traveler. Story Teller. Mother. Navigating her way through life in Shanghai again for a second time...with children.

Blog by: Jen Kinney
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Limitless Laowai

Interviews for expats, by expats! Tune in for practical, engaging and inspiring content that encourages you to live well and love life in China. Have more fun, adjust faster and find success abroad with LimitlessLaowai.

Blog by: Ally Mona
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Mint Mocha Musings

I know, I know! Mint Mocha Musings —what’s that all about you may well ask?(Or maybe you don’t give two hoots and just stopped by this page to find out what News Readers really wear under the desk!?) If you...

Blog by: Nicole Webb
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Rainbow Family Travel

An LBGT blog about a gay couple and their daughter who currently live in Shanghai, China. They’re making the most of their time in Asia, so far traveling to Hong Kong, Thailand, and South Korea. Follow along to see where they...

Blog by: Rainbow Family Travel
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Recipe Nomad

Follow Recipe Nomad, Hanady Awada on her culinary adventure in Shanghai China! Whether it's embarking on an adventure to find coveted ingredients or whipping up a recipe that reminds her of home, Recipe Nomad will be your go to blog...

Blog by: Hanady Awada
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Spahrknotes: Reflecting Life

After being a university student for four years and then working with InterVarsity for the next eleven years, I still live according to the rhythms of college life. So naturally, I connect experiences as a newbie expat with the experiences of a...

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