Thank you for your interest in providing a talk/workshop for our community!


Speakers should be experts in their fields and preference will be given to topics related to parenting. Talks should not be promoting one specific product; parents should leave with knowledge they can apply directly to their lives without needing to purchase anything. Free samples, gifts, or discount coupons may be provided by the speakers.


Shanghai Mamas Talks are offered once a month. Speakers are volunteers.


Speakers are responsible for sourcing the venue and collaborating with them for screen, speaker, menu, fapiao, etc. The venue can be anywhere within the city of Shanghai, as our members are spread across the city at large! For maximum attendance, venues in Jing’an and FFC tend to be preferable.


Before you complete this form, please ensure your presentation slides are already drafted.


Shanghai Mamas will be responsible to create the digital flyer and the Yoopay for RSVPing. We will promote the talk on our social media platforms and within our WeChat groups. We will share the names of the attendees with the speakers, but not contact information. The venue must provide a fapiao to Shanghai Mamas for any fees charged.


Any ticket price charged should only be to cover room rental/food/beverages. (Attendees may also purchase from the menu.) Contributions from ticket sales to Lifeline or other valuable community organizations are also encouraged.


Shanghai Mamas will transfer funds directly to the venue and/or non-profit beneficiary within 3 days of the event.