How to Introduce Technology to Young Children: Toddlers, Tech and Tablets

How to Introduce Technology to Young Children: Toddlers, Tech and Tablets by Alison Fung, with Dr. Guanghai Wang, Clinical Psychologist and Sleep Specialist and Lei Jin, Educational Psychologist.   Most children these days are growing up surrounded by technology, with parents documenting their baby’s first steps on smartphone cameras from day one and later enjoying … Continued

When enough is enough

  When Enough is Enough by Shirani Alfreds It is time to ‘fess up. At least for me. I need to take a chill pill.  I’ve been running around in circles the past few months, unsatisfied with certain aspects of my older daughter’s schooling system. So, it was time to either fix the situation or take … Continued

How Parents Can Help Kids Make Healthy Choices in Middle School

  Recently, my principal had a great idea. Rather than scramble to help parents deal with issues as they pop up throughout the year, he decided we should take a preventative, rather than reactionary approach. Our health program has always followed that model, but that’s for the students. The parents are often left to navigate … Continued

Giving Our Children the Best in Dental Care

Interview by Siobhan Brown   Many parents have lingering questions regarding their children’s teeth and too often children do not see a dentist until well after their first birthday. Delayed dental visits can cause permanent problems and it’s important to know that baby teeth do play an important role in your child’s development. Shanghai Mamas sits … Continued