Personal Style and Shopping in Shanghai – Expert Tips for Everyone

By: Annie Atienza Image Consulting   For many Westerners, wardrobe shopping in Shanghai can be incredibly difficult. Sizes are constructed on an entirely different scale for the local population, making the hunt for proper fitting clothing seem impossible at times. This problem is compounded for shoppers whose figures are within the plus sized range, and … Continued

3 steps for your helper to make the meals of your dreams

New to China? Your checklist must be complete by now–schools,house,driver,ayi,coffee morning with shanghaimama .As you settle into your new life,you realize, having a foreign house-helper come with challenges you didn’t anticipate! Read this article from an expert,I promise it will enhance the quality of your life in China ~Kavi   Once your Ayi – Helper is hired, you are usually so relieved to have … Continued

Food safety in China

We all heard of all the food scandals in China but what is really going on! I would like to give you a little overview of why the food safety situation is as it is, by looking at some of the problems out of different perspectives: the government, the producer and the consumer: Government: In this … Continued

The Truth About Air Filters

Scenario: The AQI has been sky high, but your pad is packed with purifiers so nothing to worry about right? Not quite.Even if you have enough purifiers to make your home look like a showroom, no matter what model you’re using, if the filters haven’t been changed in a while, chances are you’re simply recycling dirty air back … Continued