By Candy Lim

Nurse Candy

So you know how the weather has been lately? One minute bright, sunny, and in the high teens, the next a disappointing grey, wet, and single digit mercury reading. Really Atmosphere, couldn’t you decide which way you want to go? Hormonal imbalance was the response I got and I found myself sticking a hand out … Continued

Meet Working Mama

I am a wife of one, mother of one, and employee to well…one. Hailing from the sunny shores of Singapore, I was plucked from the soaring heights of a New York career to answer to Love’s call in Shanghai. I answer to the name of Candy and am easily bribed by Baker & Spice’s Farmhouse … Continued

Pull Up Those Straps Ladies

I used to dedicate 15 to 20 luxurious minutes each morning just to dress up for the day. Many a brain cell was dedicated to deciding if it was a fat or thin day, which body part was in favor and bloat free (its normally the legs for me), which in turn affected if it … Continued