Ayi Recommedation: Xiao Ye

Working Areas: FFC, Xujiahui, Jing’An, Huangpu, Xintiandi

Language: Chinese with some basic English (she’s been taking English lessons, is a great student and eager to continue learning)

Working Hours/Salary: Full-time. Prefers ‘regular hours’ and is currently working 9am-7pm for us (50hrs/ week) with overtime pay of 40RMB per hour and flexibility to come in early/stay late/work weekends.

Skills: Amazing with small children, fantastic cook, organizes, tidies, irons, supplements our household cleaning needs (we have a serviced apartment), a cheerful spirit around the house

Personal Experience: XiaoYe came highly recommended from ALL of the families that she has previously worked with. She was a preschool teacher before becoming an ayi, and hence fantastic with young children. She believes in fostering independence for developing kids, and providing the happiest environment for them. She said to me early on in our relationship, “Children are our future. We have to help and teach them what is right and what is wrong.” And, “children are watching us all of the time, so it’s important to me to always be smiling for them, so that they feel our happy energy!”

Her energy for my son is endless, her smile is contagious, and my son is always giggling with her. She started with us before I had my son, and she was super attentive to me, making sure that I was staying hydrated, eating healthy, and getting plenty of rest. She also helped us prepare for the baby’s arrival with some deep cleaning, organizing, and inventorying of what we had and what we still needed.

After my son was born, she was even more amazing. She always offered to help with anything, and always understood when I said things like, “really, I am quite happy to change his diapers…” and she would reply with, “I was a mother too, I totally understand.” From the get go, she always told me to let her know if something was bothering me, or if I had any feedback for her. Knowing that and communicating with her, really helped us to develop a fantastic relationship…any little bits of feedback that I gave her were always well received without any moments of discomfort. So important when you let someone into your life at this level. Now, she is like family to me. We eat lunch together many days of the week (she’s a fantastic cook, and health-conscious!), and I trust her completely with my son. She truly is like his Aunt…another human that loves him and always has his best interests in mind. She walks around the house with him, teaching him words, sings to him, reads to him, dances with him, and helps him with all of his developmental steps. She worked with him to get his tummy time in, to get strong with standing support, to hold a bottle on his own, and now she helps him practice his sitting. She’s so great and I’m going to miss her so much.

I’m including one of my favorite videos, which is really just a small snippet of the happiness she brings my little man and my family.

If you are looking for an ayi that feels like family, send me a message. XiaoYe

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Posted On: 15/04/2019
Expires On: 12/05/2019
Price (¥): 8200/mo
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