Fantastic with children English speaking Ayi is looking for a new family.
Relocation case. Available – as of early December. Full Time Contract.
Our wonderful Ayi Jenny is released in a month due to our relocation. Unfortunately, we can’t invite Jenny to join us, so we must separate with a heavy heart.
Jenny is 44 y.o . She has a son of her own: 19 y.o. She lives with her family in Shanghai.
Jenny has joined our American/Ukrainian family in October 2015 when our baby was just 6 months old and has been helping us since then.
Before Jenny joined our family she had worked for a few western families here in Shanghai. She managed the general household and took care of small children including a newborn.
She has wonderful referrals. Her previous American employer was contacted to confirm the references and I quote “You can’t imagine how it feels when I could go to work , leave my child at home with Jenny and be sure that everything is going to be fine.”
Jenny is experienced with both arrangements: stay-at-home mom and working mom. And she wonderfully managed both.
In our family (stay-at-home mom) Jenny’s main duties are to manage a general household and take care of our baby who is 2.7 years old now. She also babysits in evenings when needed.
Jenny follows instructions properly. Takes care of things. She does things in advance. Proactive. No need to give instructions on everything once she learns the rules of your household.
Jenny has a terrific attitude. Jenny is an optimistic and soft person. She smiles often and brings a friendly atmosphere to the house. Very friendly person with a kind heart. She loves children. Soft and very, very patient. Caring.
Our little baby-girl adores Jenny too. She always greets Jenny with a big smile, runs to the door to meet her and happy to stay with her. You know you can’t fool the babies. They know who really have a good heart for them 
Jenny reads to the baby, always smiles and plays with her gladly. Jenny also knows how to take care of a daily routine with the baby like feeding, settling to sleep and changing diapers when I am not at home. Always engages our active little girl into games and fun.
Jenny can cook and assist in cooking new recipes well. We host dinners at home and she always managed them properly.
Jenny is a neat and organized person.
She will suit a family who is currently looking for someone to run a house and take care of a newborn/toddler.
Please pm me if you have more questions about Jenny. And do not hesitate to organize an interview directly with Jenny via +8613482856374

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Posted On: 09/11/2017
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