We will be leaving Shanghai and our wonderful Ayi is looking for a new position with a foreign family. We would love to take her with us, but she plans to stay in Shanghai and would prefer to work in Puxi (FFC or Gubei/Hongqiao best. Other locations are possible.) She currently cares for 3 primary age children and would be happy with the same and/or with infants and younger children. She would prefer full time, live-out work. She does not speak English, but we have had no trouble communicating with her. She has worked for English and French speaking families in the past. She cares for the children, cleans a large apartment, does laundry, and cooks. She has a calm, loving manner. Our children enjoy spending time with her and miss her when we are away. She has not taken any personal/sick days, is always reliable, and responds quickly to requests.

If you would like to speak with her, you can either contact her directly at 136-2176-3938 or text me at 135-6415-7498 to set up a contact and/or ask any questions.

Posted By: cmswann
Posted On: 17/05/2018
Expires On: 14/06/2018
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