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Hi all, we are leaving Shanghai so we are helping our ayi – Ayi Rui look for a full time job preferably in Xujia hui, Hongqiao area.

Ayi Rui has over 18 years experience in Shanghai and is great with children. She has a positive attitude and is always happy. She made my little one laugh the first time she came. Even though she was only with us for only two months as we only needed her for that long since we are leaving, she helped put our baby on a good sleep/feeding routine. She knows how to entertain babies to make sure they are developing well.

She also helped with housework – cooking, cleaning, washing and too out dog out twice a day.

Also, she is good at TCM – Guasha (刮痧). I had a heat stroke once and thanks to her I was able to recover fast. Just an added bonus for those who would like to try. 😊

She doesn’t speak English. So feel free to contact me at 18221693007 or her at 13162244987.

Posted By: yandy
Posted On: 09/08/2018
Expires On: 30/08/2018
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