Our ayi Yu has been with our family for four years since our arrival in Shanghai in 2013, so now that we are relocating within the region, we would like to help her find another job. Aside from working with us, Yu previously worked with other expat families and has amazing experience with children. She clicked immediately with our daughter on their first meeting (as she normally does with most children) and has helped raise her over the last four years. She genuinely enjoys playing games with children and is an excellent caregiver. Yu has also helped care for our other baby, our 11-year-old beagle Molly who has enjoyed many cuddles and neighborhood outings with Yu over the years!

Yu is a good housekeeper and an excellent nanny for young children. She is trustworthy, has solid values and a pleasant demeanor, making it a pleasure to have her at home. She loves animals and is very kind-hearted.

Aside from all this, Yu enjoys cooking and has prepared a number of Chinese dishes for us which have been amazing. Aside from being an excellent dumpling maker (!!), she has learned to prepare other western dishes and can make pesto like an Italian grandma! I enjoy cooking myself, so many times she helps to do a lot of the prep work for me, but genuinely enjoys cooking and is a great sidekick to have in the kitchen.

Yu speaks very good English, is respectful, and always well presented. She has been such an integral part of our family’s life in Shanghai and we will certainly miss her when we leave.

I am happy to offer more details to those who are interested, but please contact her directly to arrange interviews at 135-8563-4059.

Thank you!

Cynthia Sanvicente

Posted By: ccarthur1
Posted On: 19/05/2017
Expires On: 30/06/2017
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Location: French Concession
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