Ayi Xiao Li, she’s not the smartest lady in town, but definitely the best of the best, as well as the most reliable domestic helper, we could ever wish for.

Location: Lujiazui

Date Available from : beginning of December

Time Available: 1:30PM onwards, Monday to Saturday

Contact ayi Xiao Li directly (Chinese only) on her mobile 13482695285. Or call me, Michelle, for reference (English and Chinese) at 13818541409. Or you can wechat me at meiweimum

We’ve been in Shanghai for seven years. Interviewed so many domestic helpers / ayi in between. From the very beginning, ayi from Philippine and now China. Given dozens of trials and so many left because they’re just not suitable to our family needs.

Some ayi are too smart. Some too greedy. Some too lazy. Some don’t listen coz they think they’re so experienced. Some too naive so I have to tell them every single steps. Until we found this current ayi, Xiao Li, who had been with us for three years. She always arrives at our doorstep from 7:30AM and leaves at 1pm. Punctual. Always gives us advance notice if anything comes up, which, rarely happened.

She assisted me to make kids breakfast, send one of them to school (I don’t trust anyone to do so but her), clean the apartment, cooking, iron clothes. She even made home made buns, dishes or dumplings for us during the weekends, simply because my kids and husband love to eat those.

She insisted on cleaning the floor without using a mop. Instead, knees down and uses a cloth to clean inch by inch. She said this is her habit from the previous job while working at Shanghai Expo. This way, she can see whether the floor is cleaned thoroughly.

She never asks for a raise or demands anything extra.

While there’s a public holiday and I forgot to tell her not to come, she’d showed up at the doorsteps still.

Extremely responsible type. If there are things undone, she’d find time and ways to finish the tasks given without my supervision or reminder.

She does not gossip about us to others. (coz I’m friends with her afternoon job employer, so I know.)

There was once my husband told her the prawns for lunch were not fully cooked, please heat it up. That was an extremely busy day. My husband and I don’t see it as a big problem at all. Simply just cook it a bit longer and it’s fine. But the next day, she bought more prawns with her own money and cooked for us. She apologized to us and you can so tell that she feels really bad. Which, in our home, it’s really, a matter that doesn’t raise our concerns at all.

I don’t supervise her at all because she’s in auto run mode all the time.

My husband always says, having Ayi Xiao Li, is one of the best thing that happens to us in Shanghai. My kids adore her. She’s patient and kind with kids.

I’d proudly introduce her to any people. She’s not the smartest lady in town, but definitely the best of the best as well as the most reliable domestic helper that we could ever wish for. If you need a full time, live-in ayi, then I guess you don’t need to call her anymore. She loves us too much and vice versa. Lol. We need her from Mon to Sat 7:30AM to 1PM. Our kids are both in school, otherwise we’d hire Xiao Li full day.

Her afternoon employer left Shanghai due to personal reasons. So Ayi xiao li will be available from December. Location in Pudong Lujiazui. She’s quite flexible about this but I sincerely wish people who appreciate her gives her fair salary after knowing how good she’s. Lol

If you’re interested, You can contact ayi Xiao Li directly (Chinese only) on her mobile 13482695285. Or call me Michelle for reference (English and Chinese) at 13818541409. Or you can wechat me at meiweimum

All the best to everyone.

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Posted On: 01/12/2017
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Location: Lujiazui
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