I have been in Shanghai for 9 years, during which I interviewed many domestic helpers (ayi), from the earliest Philippine ayi to the present Chinese ones.

Tried a lot, also because a lot of unsuitable ones and ended up asking them to leave.

Some ayi are too clever, some too greedy, some too lazy, some too clever, so I had to teach them step by step.

Finally, I found my current ayi, who has been helping my family for the past 5 years. She always arrived our home at 7:30 am sharp and left at 1:00 PM. Even this time, moving back to Taiwan, she helped us to pack up the whole apartment, all by herself because I’m not in Shanghai. No complaints, no request for a raise ~

In recent years, she helped me from preparing kids’ breakfast, cleaning, cooking, ironing clothes, and even on weekends at home she’d voluntarily handmade steamed buns, handmade dumplings, just because our children love to eat those.

She always insisted that she didn’t need to use a mop to clean the floor, but kneeled on the ground and wiped it inch by inch with a cloth. Why? Because she said it was her habit during her working in the Expo Park, and she could see whether it was cleaned or not. (Until two years ago, when I asked her to finally start using a mop for her own knees sake.)

Never asked for a raise or anything else~

I sometimes forget when it’s time for the national holiday, and she’d just showed up on the door~

She’s a person with a strong sense of responsibility. She’s obsessive about getting things done asap.

We’ve never heard her gossiping our family matters with neighbours.

My husband often says, Xiao Li ayi, is the treasure that we found in Shanghai. Children are also one after another love her company.

Anyway, I’m very proud to recommend her to anyone else.

People who need to work all day almost don’t need to call her. In the afternoon, she has a German family who loves her too much.

Now we’ve decided to move away from Shanghai, she is available from end of September / beginning of October. It can start after 1:00 PM. Preferably in Lujiazui area, Pudong, Shanghai. (Including Shimao Binjiang)

If you are interested, please contact Xiao Li Ayi, mobile phone 18221458617 or you can call me if you need any reference. My name is Michelle. Feel free to add me on WeChat (ID: meiweimum)

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Posted On: 03/09/2020
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