Chinese Interpreter Translator-Tour Guide-Personal Assistant in Shanghai-in China/Shanghai Chinese Interpretation Translation Services-Travel Guide Services-Personal Assistant Services, Tailored, Flexible, Professional, Low Cost!


I offer result-guaranteed professional interpretation services for legal, corporate and government meetings, conferences, exhibitions, expos, fairs events, shows, presentation, award ceremony, wine tasting, book signing, forum, press conference and activities,, anywhere around the world.
I offer quality professional interpretation services for groups- big and small.
I offer flexible professional services for individual as well.
I offer telephonic, video, onsite and Simultaneous & Consecutive Chinese-English interpretation services in Shanghai, in China, and all over the world
Consecutive Interpretation: Spoken translation and interpretation services in which the interpreter waits for the end of the originating sentence or statement to deliver the interpretation. Usually these services are used for depositions, trials, and other one-on-one meetings.
Sight Interpretation: Accompany clients to see the sights and translate for them.
Simultaneous Interpretation: Spoken interpreting and translating services given simultaneously for large gathering. It is ideal used for exhibitions, web-conferences, expos, shows, and meetings.
Phone and Video Interpretation: It is a fast and cost-effective solution when an interpreter is needed on demand.


My main services:
1. Simultaneous & Consecutive Chinese Interpretation services both onsite or via telephone for business meeting, conference, exhibition, expo, fair, event, show, presentation, award ceremony, wine tasting, book signing, forum, press conference and activities, banquet hosting, bidding, auction, academic research, management training, technical meeting, negotiation, factory visiting, traveling, and etc.


  1. English-Chinese Host service
  2. Chinese Translation services for contract, email, article, tender, resume, government documents, and etc.


  1. Tour Guide services for tourism visitors and business people
    – Trip organization service
    – Airport picking up and dropping off service

– Car rental service for tourism visitors and business people (car, van, mini-bus etc.)
– Bank account opening service
– Local apartment rental service

– Phone setting up service

– Recommending traditional and must-see programs for the tour, and booking tickets

– Working as your interpreter to break down the language barrier and communicate with the local people

– Showing around, touring service, and etc.

  1. Business Assistant services

– Business trip arrangement and make appointments with companies and factories, shops etc.
– Booking service for hotel, flight tickets, train tickets, show tickets etc.

– Airport picking up and dropping off service

– Car rental service for business people and visitors (car, van, mini-bus etc.)

– Meeting with clients, visiting companies, showrooms, and factories, talking about markets, products, negotiating on table
– Sourcing service for different products, companies, factories, shops, markets etc in different industries
– Quality control service
– Shipping and logistic service
– Express service by FedEx, DHL, TNT etc. With good price
– Storage service
– Import and export service
– Company registration and fiscal service
– Visa and invitation letter service
– Marketing consultant service, and etc.


  1. Personal Assistant services for tourism visitors and business people

-Showing around, shopping, sightseeing, touring service

-Dining, drinking, clubbing, singing accompanying service

-Private massage service

-Housekeeping connecting service

-Personal issue solving service, and etc.

I am the expert linguist who delivers exact live translations that are culturally accurate and preserve the fundamental meaning of the spoken and written word. Plus, all of my interpreter services include a customized engagement model and personalized service. Professional, Quality, Low Cost!

Hope to hear from you soon!




Mobile/Wechat: +86 13651712893
Skype: chinese.tutoring.lessons

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