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Hello ShanghaiMamas,

We are returning soon back to Europe and we would love to recommend our Ayi, Xiaoli, who has been working with us for 3 years. Xiaoli has been working full-time during weekdays from 8am usually till 6pm. She was always on time. We also often needed her to stay longer till late night for babysitting and sometimes also during weekends. Several times we also travelled abroad without our children for few days and we trusted Xiaoli to stay overnight and to take care of our children during our travels. And also she travelled once with us outside of Shanghai. She was always very flexible and willing to overwork.

Xiaoli was in charge of our household and she was just great at any task. She did household as cleaning, hovering, washing dishes, changing bed, laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, arranging things and run an errand on our behalf. She cooked for us lunch when we stayed during day at home and dinner, she can cook very good chinese as well as western meals and she was happy to learn and try new recipe. She knows how to organize her working day in order to assure all is done well.

We have 3 small children, daughters, in age of 5,5 years, 4 years and 2 years. Xiaoli loves children and children love her. She can take care of all of them. She did dropping off, picking up children from kindergarten, she prepared snack for them, they played together, went to park or playground. She accompanied us when having playdates with other children. She is very talkative with children and that is why they learnt Chinese from her very well. She read books with them, bathed them and put them sleep when asked. She baked cookies and muffins with them and did small food preparation together. Our children attend Montessori school and we follow this at home as well, and Xiaoli learnt how to comply with this philosophy at home as well.

Xiaoli has broad experience working in many foreign families, she can speak very good English and happy to learn few new words of the family native languages. She got First aid certificate.

Xiaoli is hardworking, friendly, honest, active, reliable, initiative, always in good mood and willingness to help.


Her contact information is – Xiaoli 13651740791.

If you know anybody who is searching for ayi, please help to spread the world.

Thank you very much!!!

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Posted On: 28/04/2017
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