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It is my pleasure to recommend Xiao Wang, our beloved ayi that has been with our family for over 3 years. She has an incredible work ethic, pleasant attitude, willingness and ability to learn, follows instructions and is amazing with children and cooks so well. She takes initiatives herself whenever she sees that something needs to be done. She is smart, capable, honest and extremely reliable. She is humble and fair. We consider Xiao Wang to be a part of our family.

Xiao Wang moved from Anhui in 2004 and she has been working for expat families with children ever since. She attended an English course, achieving a good level in reading and understanding daily instructions. She also took part in a government official “Ayi Certification Course,” and got high scores on her performances.

I feel very confident in recommending our beloved Xiao Wang, not only because I know that she is an excellent worker, but also because she has a great personality. She has always been eager to learn and improve, she has a strong sense of commitment with her job and she is able to take initiative and responsibility for her actions whenever she sees that somethings needs to be done. She is very smart and capable, honest and reliable.

Whoever gets to employ Xiao Wang wins a caring, hard working, educated, experienced, intelligent, responsible, trustworthy, multitasking, flexible ayi! We are truly very sad that our ways must separate as we are leaving China, and we hope she finds another family who will consider her as one of their family as we did.

Please reach out to her directly on wechat: wechat ID: yehan2002  Group Alias: Xiao Wang15121018318

or you can contact me at: wechat ID:annieharrod or

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Posted On: 13/07/2018
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