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Cao Jun ayi (曹俊) has worked with our family for 2 years and a half. While she was with us, her main duty was taking care of our daughter when she was 6 months old until she was 3 years old and ready to go to school.

Cao Jun is great at taking care of our daughter. She has many years of experience working with foreign families. When looking at her interacting with our daughter, one can clearly see that she cares deeply about her. She also takes our little one’s education to heart, reading with her and playing with her. She also made sure our daughter always had a friend inside our neighborhood to play with. She is very patient and caring. She also cares greatly about our son (7 years old) and did some cooking activities and helped with his Chinese classes during the school holidays.

When it comes to cleaning, Ayi also really shines. As soon as there’s little time in the daily routine, she takes the opportunity to put the house in order. She showed great initiative, so we found the house very well taken care of, for the cleaning and laundry. She also cooked lunch for our daughter and made sure she had a well-balanced diet.

Cao Jun ayi loves kids and cleans very well. She is trustworthy and very reliable; she is never late for work. Those are all the reasons why we would highly recommend her. We would be pleased to answer any questions or provide further information.


She can also be contacted directly at the following number, so please feel free to call. Please note that she only speaks Mandarin (only a few key words in English and French). Ayi would prefer working in the East part of Shanghai.

Cao Jun Tel: 13817163684


Anne-Laure Denoual França

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