UnTour & Shanghai Mamas Tour: Hands-On Dumpling Delights

Are you obsessed with dumplings? On this food tour + cooking class, you’ll get off the beaten path to sample regional varieties of dumplings, from streetside stalls frying up potstickers to mom-and-pop shops serving boiled jiaozi from China’s frigid northeast. After eating your fill, you’ll learn how to make a dim sum specialty from a Chinese chef.

While sampling fried, steamed and boiled dumplings (and a few extra surprises), you’ll make your way through the leafy former French Concession to admire art deco architecture and see how the Shanghainese live. You’ll make intricate Cantonese steamed shrimp dim sum, and leave with a detailed recipe so you can impress your friends and family with your newfound dumpling making skills after your return home.

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