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    The results of our summer fundraising luncheon

    Dear all,

    ShanghaiMamas would like to say a huge thank you to all our amazing sponsors who supported our recent summer luncheon Baobei Fundraiser. The luncheon was a huge success with 80 ladies in attendance and 23 sponsors supporting the event. Our sponsors kindly donated prizes and vouchers to our raffle, helping us to raise 21, 850 RMB for Baby Jill’s medical care. Jill had surgery in February of this year to correct her anus that had not developed properly and was in the wrong location. Due to this Jill had suffered from recurrent UTI’s, one that almost took her young life last November. Along with these medical challenges, Jill also has Spina Bifida and club feet for which she will require multiple surgeries in the future. Thanks to caring volunteers, a loving foster family, and funds raised from events like our ShanghaiMamas luncheon, Jill is recovering well and physically she is getting much stronger and healthier.

    Baobei is an incredible organization that supports hundreds of orphans like Baby Jill, and ShanghaiMamas is proud to be an active supporter. Founded in 2008 by a native Chinese and three expatriates in Shanghai, Baobei Foundation provides surgeries and post-surgical rehabilitation for Chinese orphans with life-threatening birth defects. Since its inception, Baobei has provided over 200 surgeries for over 100 orphans who were near death, but are now healthy and living with permanent families.

    Making use of the excellent medical expertise and facilities in Shanghai hospitals, Baobei aims to provide the highest quality surgical care available. Baobei currently has partner relationships with four hospitals, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Xinhua Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Shanghai and Shanghai United Family Hospital.

    Baobei’s unique healing home model uses volunteer families to continue the children’s recovery and rehabilitation process after hospital discharge, leading to a remarkably high success rates. Even though Baobei children undergo extremely complex surgeries, Baobei maintains low annual expenditures per child due to its elimination of rental and administrative overhead costs. Baobei offers long-term commitment to abandoned children from birth until they are settled into permanent homes by the China Center of Adoption Affairs. Baobei provides approximately thirty-five surgeries annually. At any given moment, there are about thirty children in the Baobei system.

    If you would like to learn more about Baobei please visit www. For future updates on Baby Jill, please stay tuned to our weekly Email Digest.

    The ShanghaiMamas Team

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Welcome to Shanghai Mamas Forums Events and Promotions The results of our summer fundraising luncheon

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