Living the life you really want

by Karin Tan


Baby Steps to Truly Live your Life


How often do you give your family the priority over your own? How often do you decide to give the little luxurious treat a miss because it makes you feel guilty? How often do you secretly wish you could shine your life’s potential and create a sense of fulfillment and value? There is no need to be secretive about these thinking because you are not alone. You simply want to live your life like many others do and most importantly, you deserve it!  

However, in reality, we have our attachments and responsibilities. How can we move a step closer and to truly start living our life?


 1)           Get to Know your Soul.

We are all created with unique talents and gifts. Due to social, political or cultural reasons, we might have inherited or created some personal limiting beliefs. What if these do not exist? Who are you? What do you like to do? What are your talents and special gifts? Do you know them? List them down. It can be as simple as establishing positive relationships in a community, teaching, love for children or having a great listening ear.

 2)           Self Love

Always create time for yourself. Nurture your inner being. Make time to do whatever makes you feel happy even if it’s simply buying a pot of herb for your kitchen or balcony. Rest well. Eat well. Move your body.

 3)           Mindfulness & Intention

Meditation always brings you a step closer to your inner voice. However, it may seem to be a tedious “task” for many, as the countless issues we need to juggle in our daily lives always crowd our mind. Try this out – give yourself a few moments to take a few deep breaths when you wake up in the morning (you do not need to let others know you are already awake). Set an intention how you would like the day to be. You may visualize it or “feel” it whatever feels right for you. Give some attention to how your body feels about it. Throughout the day, mindfully take little pauses, some deep breathing, step back and return to that same image or feeling. Is your reality in tune with your intention? If not, how can you fine-tune it? 

4)           Be Authentic

Once you are clear about your gifts, talents and intention, be authentic about it. This does not mean that you have to ignore your family or other things in life. It is the music note that sync in harmony with the rest of the notes in your life, to create a beautiful song. You need to be assertive, respectful and communicate it. It may bring discomfort to those around you for a while, as this may be different from your usual self. However, be aware that, only you can do it for yourself, no one else can.

 5)           Act on It

Changing in perspectives, having positive feelings and “knowing it” are a good start to live the life you want. However, that only remains in thoughts and feelings. Your reality happens only when you take ACTION! Act on your thoughts, feelings or whatever plans you have. No matter how small the action is, once you move, the universe will start to make way for you.


Karin is a certified Akashic Record Consultant, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master, a Mindfulness Practitioner and Yoga enthusiast. She lives in Shanghai with her son and husband. Add her wechat @ Karin_Cj for soul reading via an Akashic Record consultation and soul coaching programs.