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UnTour Food Tours

UnTour Food Tours is not your typical tourist experience. Our small, passionate team of food lovers have been taking guests off the beaten path to eat shoulder-to-shoulder with locals since 2010. Join us in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong to discover China’s delicious food, explore authentic neighborhoods and learn the fascinating stories that … Continued

RJ Clothing

We are an International Irish company that focus on the production of premium made-to-measure menswear garments and accessories, especially suits. All garments are ordered, cut, sewn and finished in our own workshop in Shanghai.

Orlocity Business & Visa Services

VISA SERVICES Work & Student Visa Visa Extension & Transfers Business Visa Service Residence Permit & Employment License Family Visa Assistance Chinese Green Card Diploma Certification ENTERPRISE SERVICES Company Registration & Licensing Corporate & Individual Health Insurance Hong Kong Company Registration Trademark & Patent Research & Registration Brand Protection & Licensing Company Closure & Amendments … Continued


Moving to and living in a new country can always be an exciting yet daunting experience. There are so many things to take care of! Believe me, we’ve been there. One of the most important things to take care of would be the water. Whether its the water in your bathroom or kitchen, or your … Continued

Swiss Butchery

At Swiss Butchery, we aim at bringing you a world-class meat experience that is comparable or better than home, by offering a wide variety of fresh, high-quality meats, cut with excellence by our Swiss butchers under the our most stringent Hygiene Standards.

TEK Shanghai

Being committed to delivering exceptional customer service, our expertise and quality of our products, TEK-Shanghai has become the IT solutions advisor for expat community in Shanghai.
In the heart of Green City, Pudong, our retail store serves customers, delivering hundreds of genuine gadgets, including PC, smartphones, tablets, TV, printers, cameras, speakers, air-purifiers, software and numerous accessories. At TEK-Shanghai we provide you with a team of English speaking engineers that handle all types of IT problems including installation of International TV boxes, Wi-Fi coverage and boosting the Internet speed, any types of repairs, home, remote and mail-in IT support!

Credit Ease

Founded in 2006, CreditEase has pioneered two key businesses in China: Inclusive Finance and Wealth Management. CreditEase Wealth Management offers a range of select investment products, including onshore and offshore credit market vehicles, venture capital and private equity, capital markets investments, hedge funds and real estate, as well as advisory services on immigration, tax mitigation and higher education. With branches established in over 40 cities in China, CreditEase Wealth Management also has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and North America.

Goma Greens

Goma Green delivers weekly veggie boxes from local farms to your doorstep together with healthy recipes

Goma Greens wants to make it fun and easy to eat healthy. This is why each box comes with a healthy and easy-to-make recipe that matches the content of the box. Goma Greens also have a strong recipe community on WeChat where box-subscribers share pictures, tips and recipes on how they use the veggies from the box.

Besides sourcing from small farmers 10% of Goma Greens’ earnings are given back to the local communities to projects that can inspire organic farming. You can always put your box on hold or unsubscribe if it’s not your thing. You only pay for the box you get.