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Moving to and living in a new country can always be an exciting yet daunting experience. There are so many things to take care of! Believe me, we’ve been there. One of the most important things to take care of would be the water. Whether its the water in your bathroom or kitchen, or your drinking water, everything is different especially in China. No wonder there are so many people experiencing traveler’s diarrhea when they first come here. This is one of the reasons why Greenwave was founded more than 8 years ago. We want to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle in China by providing clean water and air.
Have you noticed your hair and skin weakening in Shanghai? Using more shampoo and body soap than before? How about the germs and pesticide in the vegetables and fruits? And most importantly, your drinking water. Buying bottled water every few weeks can be a pain in the neck and even though its the best alternative, no one knows how clean they actually are. Greenwave can help.
With the best water and air purifiers in China, a fantastic maintenance crew who are skilled professionals, and also with renting options as well, Greenwave can guarantee you won’t have to worry about water during your stay in Shanghai.

+) Our most recent Clean Water Restaurant(CWR) project aims to help people identify restaurants using clean water equipped with our cutting-edge water purifiers. Become a family of Greenwave and receive vouchers for your favorite CWR restaurants!!