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Baby International

We are a store (and now also family friendly restaurant) that was started by parents for parents. We want to provide you with only those products that we would buy for our child.

We invite you to visit our online shop at www.baby-international.com or one of our stores in Shanghai (in Puxi and Pudong – see the website for detailed informationa). You also find more about what we do on our magazine at www.baby-international.com/magazine or come and visit us at our family friendly Bistro on Huashan Road No. 620.

Bebebalm & Bebebugs

Bebebalm and Bebebaugs are skin rescue moisturizers for baby and adult sensitive skin, lovingly handcrafted from Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Recommended as “travel essentials” and “beauty and honeymoon essentials” by Travel Now magazine, they also featured in ElleChina.com.
Bebebalm is amazing for very dry, damaged or sensitive skin, on eczema, diaper rash, air pollution rash & blemish, teething rash, skin folds rash, itchy overstretched pregnant belly. It works as a night face moisturizer, and for chapped lips, rough hands, and waxing aftercare.
Bebebugs is awesome for itch and insects. It gives rapid relief to itchy puffy fresh insect bites, itchy eczema, minor food itchy rash, heat rash, sunburns. It also helps repel insects while moisturizing skin.

Calin Fashion Academy

Calin Fashion Academy is a creative hub, committed to providing a high quality learning experience in a dynamic, supportive and refined environment. Students of all ages have the opportunity to study fashion design, makeup art, fashion styling, pattern making and fashion portfolio. Our dedicated trainers have more than 10 years experience in the creative and academic field.

Cucugua Spanish Center

Referral Spanish Center in Shanghai for parents who want to direct their children in a creative and different way. We offer a trilingual daycare program, Spanish Time after school activities, early stimulation and Spanish playgroup for babies and moms, and Pediatric Therapy Services in both Puxi and Pudong.

D’gene 卡巴布

D’gene specializes in meat, and we are an authentic Halal Gyro restaurant in Shanghai. D’gene offers the world-famous doner kebabs belonging to Turkish, Middle Eastern & Greek cuisine, with some customers claiming we have the best gryos in Shanghai!
No need to make a reservation, we are open Monday to Sunday, 10:30 through to 20:30. And if you fancy ordering from the comfort of your own home, D’gene works together with several delivery firms including dianping, ele.me, dianwoba and daojia.com.

Eco & More

Eco&more is a brand of plant-based home, personal and baby care products that are safe and guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals. Using the latest botanical innovations our products are effective, even out-performing traditional chemical-laden brands. At eco&more, we believe that change begins with the little things in life and little changes begin at home.

EVOGANIC – Organic Products

Evoganic is a USDA certified organic family care brand dedicated to promoting a healthy and sustainable life. From material selection all the way to bottling, under the world’s strictest USDA organic standard, Evoganic is committed to minimizing a family’s contact with toxic chemicals in daily life. Made in the USA, products including baby care, personal care and household cleaning are now available in China and can be found at City Shop and through Kate&kimi.

Expat Baby sitters and Private Tutors

Shanghai Expat Tutors is a leading private tutoring service.
We provide private tutoring sessions to students in all grades and specialize in courses at international schools (IB, IGCSE, SAT, AP).
In addition to a focus on improving your grades, we help students to develop study habits, time management, organization and discipline to achieve a long-term success.
In addition, we offer babysitting services in Shanghai; As a foreign owned company we have access to a large pool of reliable, personable and adorable female expats that are available for babysitting your child.