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Fancy Cellar

FANCY CELLAR – Your Sommelier in China! Fancy Cellar is an importer & e-tailer specialized in boutique wines, beers and spirits. The company was founded by two French wines lovers Sophie Benchimol & Bertrand Moreau.
You can find our selection on our website, you can select your wines by pairing, occasion, taste, etc. Every week enjoy our weekly deal and our pack deal Buy 2 Get 1 Free. We deliver in Shanghai within 24 hours and around China within 72 hours.
FANCY CELLAR = 100% imported, attractive prices & friendly staff.

Feine Cashmere

Feine Cashmere – A Contemporary Fashion Boutique That Fuses Classic And Stylish Design With The Luxury Of Cashmere Since 2007, Feine Cashmere has been selling its range of luxury cashmere garments and accessories. At first out of their office, then through their two Shanghai based stores. Quality is central to everything we do and by … Continued


From California to Shanghai, Fillmore brings New World wines right to your doorsteps. Learn more about us and order our wines at our WeChat account (WeChat ID: FillmoreWine).

First Aid & CPR Class

*First Aid & CPR Class for Babies, Kids & Family. +Common Illnesses (what to do & when to rush to the hospital) +China Emergency tips +Building your family medical kit (with Chinese names of OTC meds, buy them at local pharmacies) Details at Bebebalm.com/firstaid/ *Bestest First Aid Kits (Made to Order. Baby kit, Child kit, … Continued

Haircuts, Nail Spa, Photos, Toys and Parties: Just for Kids!

Qkuts is China’s Leading Kids-Only Hair Salon, Nail Spa, Toy Store, Photography and Spa Party Venue that Both Kids & Moms Love! Qkuts is committed to the highest safety and cleaning standards, works with the best hairdressers and Western guest hairdressers in a 100% kid friendly environment. Qkuts makes the dreaded haircut fun – the … Continued

IKKI – Small but Brave

Bringing you the best in infant apparel and bedding – the super fibre that will revolutionize the way you and your babe experience sleep and comfort! IKKI small but brave was born out of a deep passion for wool and the desperate need for fully certified products in China. IKKI small but brave brings you … Continued

Inspired Minds

Inspired Minds has a very special mission: the empowerment and personal development of expat moms and trailing spouses. When you’re living abroad life can be very demanding and there are no friends or family to share doubt and help to find a new direction in life. You are constantly out of your comfort zone and … Continued

International School & Lifestyle

International School & Lifestyle (ISL) provides content listings (Mobile APP & website) that a family needs when relocating to a new city. The answers to relocating families’ concerns can be found in a comprehensive yet organized content page for easy viewing and comparison purposes. Categories include Int’l School, Preschools, Bilingual School, Activity Centers, Medical services, … Continued