Taobao4Expat is all of Taobao & Tmall at your fingertips 
How Taobao4Expat works !
Taobao4Expat is for the rest of us Expatriate. Taobao4Expat  have unlocked the gates to the world’s largest online marketplace called taobao with more that  900 million products to choose from. You will get your service in English,spanish,Danish or Italian finding the products you want ,always friendly service will helps  you every step of the way to how get things from Taobao always giving you the ultimate shopping experience.
Who Am I?
After many years in China, living as Expatriate, I have realized it is difficult to find certain things in physical shops specially for expat families, this is why I have started Taobao4Expat.
I can help you to get any kind of products on Taobao. Taobao4Expat is in mainly for people who has difficult to buy on Taobao because the language is always a barrier in China.
If needed to make a order or learn more about Taobao and does not have access or do not know how to do! you need help? Am I suitable for you.
Just think!! Taobao is cheap, I will make it fast and easy for you, comfortable from your Mobil to your home ! Just let start !  Design furniture, Chinese porcelain, Pastry items, Export ingredients, Books in your language , Kids toys and much, more Get my QR code and let do it….How to get contact with Taobao4Expat please pm me