25 Products to Keep You Warm This Winter

By Lisa Renstroem


Shanghai winter is here and with the temperature bound to dip below zero degrees, I’ve started looking for things to keep me toasty and warm this season. Check out these random (but luckily pretty cheap) products below:

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1. Gloves with phone/device usability

Cold hands or ability to respond to a message? Now you can do both! (Shanghai Mama Pro tip: they’re pricey but the Lululemon Cold Terrain phone tips gloves are the best we’ve found)


2. Pokemon Kids Gloves from Zara

The Pokemon characters on each finger may be a way to get your kids to actually wear their gloves!


3. Heated Bike/Scooter Gloves RMB 119

These heated gloves not only open up to allow you easy access your phone but also keep your hands warm on handlebars or just walking outside!


4. Heated Socks

These chargeable feet covers/booties will keep your feet warm at temperatures up to 50 degrees for up to 3 hours!


5. Fuzzy Slippers RMB 48

These are the exact same slippers that I bought a few years ago at Restoration Hardware in California for a lot more than 48 RMB… Gotta love China.


6. Warm Tights

These tights are actually thicker tights made to look like you’re wearing thinner tights so you can still pull off a skirt without freezing.


7. Warm Jeans 

These jeans with fuzzy fabric lining (you can even choose different levels of warmth) will make it much nicer to wear jeans in these temperatures.


8. Heated Vest RMB 228+

This heated vest has three different temperature settings starting at 35 degrees all the way up to 65 degrees.


9. Faux Leather Pants

These have been my favorite Shanghai winter purchase for the last three years. They are inexpensive, come in different levels of lining thickness, shiny or matte and look great!


10. Furry Jean Jacket RMB 434

Something about this oversized, fur-lined jacket just makes us want to pair it with some leggings (see above) and walk around at a Winter Market holding a hot chocolate or mulled wine.


11. Warm Pants

You’ll find perfect pants and leggings of all colors and textures lined with warm fleece on Taobao.


12. Heated Scarf/Shawl RMB 179+

USB chargeable scarves which can heat up to 60 degrees C and can also be used as a blanket.


13. Wearable Blankets from Costco RMB 255

This packable blanket can also be worn with a hood so you’ll never need to take it off.


14. Electric Heating Pad RMB 498

Use this electric heated pad on your stomach, back, feet, to sit on or a place to warm your hands.


15. Luxe Faux Blanket

This blanket isn’t cheap, but it looks so soft and comfortable, it’s made it onto my Christmas list.


16. Hand Warmers Bags RMB 29

These packets remind us of cracking these bags on the ski slopes to keep in our pockets, but they also are a cheap way to keep little and big hands warm.


17. USB Electric Warmers

The electric version of the warming sandbags above, these warmers come in cute shapes and designs, can be charged to stay warm up to 16 hours. Warm up your hands, face, pockets or anywhere!


18. Hand Warmer Band RMB 69

This watch-like band warms up your palm and has three temperature settings, 40, 45 and 50 degrees.


19. Muji EarMuffs RMB 26.5

Keep your ears warm with this affordable pair of earmuffs, pick them up at a Muji store or order them from TB.


20. Furry Headband

Cheap and cozy, for 11 Kauai what do you have to lose?


21. Festive Scooter Beanie RMB 32

Stay warm and festive with this beanie including built-in eye protection in multiple color options.


22. Universal Hood RMB 88+

Use these add-on hoods or baklava underneath any sweater or jacket for added ear and neck protection against the wind and cold


23. Compact Heater RMB 118

This thin little heater is perfect to warm your hands while at work or reading, or just to place under the table near your toes.


24. Jacket Extender RMB 989 +

These jackets come with a piece of fabric to extend your winter jacket so that you can close your jacket over a baby carrier (it can also be removed once you’re past the baby wearing age), and also can be used as as stroller muff.


25. Universal Baby Carrier Cover

Keep yourself warm with the extra body warmth of a baby, and keep your baby warm without squishing them and bulky jackets into a carrier by covering the outside of the carrier instead.