26 Taobao Buys to Entertain Your Kids Over the CNY Holiday

By Krystal S.
So here we are with another Chinese New Year upon us. Traditionally a time of big celebratory meals, fireworks and performances, togetherness and general cheer, 2020 has taught us that we may have possibly taken a few of those traditions for granted.With Covid-19 cases popping up around the city (and country) again, many families are preparing for another new year stuck at home anxiously searching for the best toys or activities to keep themselves and their little ones busy during the break. Shanghai Mamas is here to help with a few Taobao links to get you going! 




This 4m long 3D pop up book features 9 major traditional Chinese holidays. Although only available in Chinese, the vivid colours and imagery will definitely hold anyone’s attention.
Search words on Taobao: 中国传统节日立体书


Still confused about what really happens at this time of year? This ‘lift the flap’ book will teach you some of the traditions that take place in homes around the country– and world!
Search words on Taobao: Dragon Dance舞龙翻翻书


Anything Peppa Pig related gets an automatic 10/10 in my home, so this was a perfect addition to keep my toddler interested in the topic.
Search words on Taobao: 佩奇的中国年纸板书
What better way to celebrate than to have little red stickers all over your house? With 100 sheets per box they also make a sweet token gift for neighbourhood kids or schoolmates.


Search words on Taobao: 100张手帐贴纸套装新年祝福
Lots of choice…


Search words on Taobao: 2021牛年贴纸手抄报手帐日记本儿童相册装饰贴画


Search words on Taobao: 2021春节新年贴纸幼儿园奖励小贴画学生手抄报装饰手账礼盒


Forget store bought decorations, make your own papercuts!
Search words on Taobao: 哇尔儿童春节手工剪纸diy材料包



Rain or shine these simple items will keep your whole family moving. Be sure to read instructions carefully before installing.
Search words on Taobao: 引体向上健身器材家用门上单杠室内墙体免打孔
Forget the public playground with these additions.


Search words on Taobao: GladSwing欧美哄睡神器婴幼儿吊椅室内家用宝宝纯棉帆布


Search words on Taobao: 幼儿园早教儿童感统训练器材悬挂秋千


Get moving while testing your kid’s spelling and math skills.
Search words on Taobao: 字母小沙包儿童投掷游戏


A modern take on traditional hopscotch. Make your own colourful patterns and hop your way to the finish line.
Search words on Taobao: 跳房子跳格子圈圈感统训练器材


Safety first! Be sure to add some padding to really stick that landing.
Search words on Taobao: 宜家PLUFSIG普鲁希宝宝防摔爬行垫



Use these to build up your crafts supplies or just purchase what’s needed for a project or two. It comes in 2 different sizes.
Search words on Taobao: 在家轻松上早教点点笔儿童彩色画


Nontoxic and machine washable, two magical words to any parent or caregiver. Paints are thick and can be used on a variety of surfaces.
Search words on Taobao: 蒙玛特500ml水粉颜料


My coolest find this week, bye bye scissors and dangerous crafting knives, hello markers with built in razor! Comes with plastic cutting board and a few crafts to get you started.
Keywords for searching on Taobao: 彩裁乐儿童手工马克笔


Turn anything into a scary monster or cute alien with these facial features stickers.
Keywords for searching on Taobao: 带背胶彩色动物嘴巴鼻子


Let’s get those fingers dirty with these themed fingerprint creations.
Search words on Taobao: 童趣萌萌家包邮小气球同款儿童手指画印章画游戏书


Prepped and ready to go, these CCTV approved sets are popular at school and home. There are options that include the tools (paint, tape, string etc) and those without.
Search words on Taobao: 艺趣幼儿园儿童手工创意美劳制作操作包


Not the most artistic parent out there? No problem! Use these stamps and rollers to cheat your way to perfect flowers, hearts and even fireworks.
Search words on Taobao: 幼儿园拓印海绵画刷滚筒印章儿童绘画


Getting a set or two of these will have you ready to do any Instagram or Pinterest project you set your mind to.
Search words on Taobao毛根扭扭棒实用套装配活动眼睛毛球胶水



Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean we can’t keep learning.Watch this “tree” blossom day by day.
Search words on Taobao: 儿童圣诞节神奇雪花结晶树纸树


Design a marble masterpiece with this starter kit. All materials are included.
Search words on Taobao: 儿童神奇水拓画艺术套装


Customized glass or tile decals. Requires a heat source so adult supervision and participation is required.
Search words on Taobao: 免烤胶画烤画颜料涂色画幼儿园


Learn about the power of magnets, gravity, static electricity and more with these hands on experiments.
Search words on Taobao: 儿童趣味stem玩具diy材料器材


Make your own water beads, perfect for play or bath time.
Search words on Taobao: 神奇水精灵魔幻水宝宝幼儿diy
We hope these items will help to keep your family happy, healthy and sane this month.