A Short Guide to Stroller Maintenance

 If you compare a modern stroller with what was on the streets like ten years ago you will notice a big shift in functionality and design. A modern stroller is packed with functions and unlike in the past often is an eye catcher as well. A stroller owner is understandably concerned to keep it in good shape.

Yet unlike a car you can’t just drive it through a car wash to have it looking good after a walk through the park or in the worst case after using it on wet and dirty roads. So what can you do to get the stroller back into shape? The first step should be to check your stroller’s manual as every stroller comes with different materials. Sticking with the manufacturer’s guideline also ensures that you keep your stroller’s warranty.


Apart from that there are different steps that you can follow:


1)Place the stroller at a place suitable for cleaning like your yard or driveway. Make sure that you put away all toys and any accessories like rain covers or mosquito nets. Lock the stroller into place so it remains unfolded and does not move when cleaning.

2)Use vaccum cleaning in a first step to remove any gross dirt and prepare the stroller for cleaning with water and detergent. Use a soft brush to clean sand from the mechanisms and sliding tubes of the frame.

3)Check your stroller manual to find out how to remove the seat cushion and fabric from the stroller frame. This can sometimes be tricky so make sure that you have the manual on hand.

4)Wash the textiles with warm water either by hand or your washing machine’s gentle cycle (check the stroller manual or the fabric label for detailed information). Do not use abrasive cleaners. Make sure to remove all foam and wool parts before putting anything into the wash machine. If your child’s toys are made of organic material better use a mild soap as chemical detergent might bleach out the toy’s colors.

5)For cleaning the foam on the handlebar use a sponge, warm water and a liquid soap and gently rub the area that needs to be cleaned. Wipe clean any soap residue left on the metal part of the handlebar.

6)Use a damp cloth over the frame of your stroller and then use a hose spray to clean the wheels to remove them from leaves and dirt. You can use a lubricate on the brake system to prevent your stroller from squeaking and to facilitate a smoother ride. If the wheels squeak after you’ve cleaned them, simply spray the axles with WD-40.

7) Pin the textiles on an outside line to dry. Do not put them into the dryer as they might shrink. Keep the stroller unfolded and outside and let it dry.


In addition, moving parts may need periodic lubrication. Inspect essential components for fraying (esp. webbing straps and safety harness), wear (esp. auto-locks, snap fasteners, button springs, typres, plastic parts, zips and moving parts). security (esp. autolocks and caps which must not be loose) and freedom of movement (esp. wheels, nuts).


If you discover any faults on your stroller get in touch with the retailer where you bought it or an official retailer of your stroller brand. For warranty cases the manufacturer can handle any defects directly and even if you have run out of warranty the retailer can still coordinate any repairs with qualified repair staff or for certain manufacturers that do not repair but exchange parts (like for example Bugaboo) provide original parts.


Contributed by Nils Van Doorn of baby international. baby international was founded by international parents in Shanghai to provide high quality and fashionable products to Chinese and expat families. Operating shops in Shanghai and Beijing as well as an online shop at www.baby-international.com The author can be reached for any questions. (Email address: nils@baby-international.com)