A Thanksgiving message from your friends at Shanghai Mamas







In many parts of the world, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect your appreciation and share what makes you grateful in your life. This year we have more than enough things to feel thankful about, but also a new perspective than where we were in 2019.


This year many of us had to say farewell to good friends. So many of us watched as those who left in January for a Chinese New Year holiday break, have never returned to their homes in Shanghai. We have worried about you and felt the heaviness of the choice to pack up from a distance. You left behind a hole and your presence is missed by those who remained.


So many of us have felt the anxious worry as we watch the climbing case numbers around the globe and in the places where we have loved ones. We have felt the frustration of Covid fatigue and travel restrictions knowing we can’t be with those who may need us. We are thankful for the thickness of our ‘China bubble’ and feel bittersweet about how it keeps us apart from those we care about. We send warm wishes to families separated by travel restrictions and hope they can be together again soon.


We are thankful to our children’s teachers and have a deep gratitude for the sacrifices and challenges that come with the role. We were able to see how much our kids need the structure, comfort, and joy that school routines bring and we appreciate it all the more in 2020. Thank you for being there for our kids during the highs and lows.


Thank you to our Shanghai Mamas members who are the heart and beautiful souls of our community. We give a sincere and heartfelt thank you to the mamas and papas who share information and answer questions in the group chats, who turn up to coffee mornings to meet new faces, and give freely of their time and energy to help others find their way in the city. This year has shown us that we can’t do it alone and we all need support…keep being that warm, welcoming, and encouraging voice that makes the Shanghai international community one of the best in the world.


We all have a lot to be thankful for this year, and we send warm wishes of health, happiness, healing and friendship to our big whole Shanghai Mamas community in China and around the world ️


The Shanghai Mamas Exec Team


Melanie, Laetitia, Joyce, Hannah, Lisa, Sarah, Susan, Jessica, & Xinxin