Arty Moon Activities for Children (and you)!

Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching next month. If you don’t know much about the festival and its origins, we are happy to share a short history along with some crafty activities you can do with your children. Thanks to Civillita Art Supplies for allowing us to share with the Shanghai Mamas community.



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By Terri, Civillita Art Supplies


The schools are returning and the mid-autumn festival is just a month away. So, here are some activities that you and the children can do at home or in the classroom.

The main stories and activities for the mid-autumn festival are based around the love story of Hou Yi and Chang’e. Many may know the story of Hou Yi saving the planet from over-heating by shooting down the surplus suns and Chang’e, drinking all the elixir for eternal life to stop a thief from taking it; only to be separated from her true love Hou Yi.Chang’e spends eternity as a goddess who lives on the moon with only the jade rabbit for company. There are plenty of versions of the story in books and online, including the newish Pearl Media/Netflix collaboration, “Over the Moon” (2020).

Civillita Art Supplies has an air dry clay activity and a couple of painting suggestions, that should keep you busy on any rainy days, lockdowns, or unforeseen lessons.


Activity 1 – Air dry clay bunny




• Air dry clay

• Key fob

• Double-sided sticky tape


If you have not used air dry clay, it will feel a bit strange at first. it is coloured, and a bit like sculpting with sugar paste.

Air dry clay dries firm, like firm foam and claims to be recylable. Good for adults or children over the age of 3 years.

Follow the step-by-step photos (see above) to make a bunny heart on the moon key Ring motif. You could also make a goddess pencil top or a whole batch of magic moon cakes.


Activity 2 – Make a “I love you to the moon and back” painting



Depending upon how sophisticated a painting you would like to do, and the age of your artist, these are the materials you need:


3years +

8K160gsm sketch paper and pebeo liquid gouache

This does not require mixing with the brush so great for those still developing motor skills. Give them a paper plate to draw around to make the moon, and give them a photo of a bunny to look at or help them with a template.



8K160gsm sketch paper and Grasp watercolor paint

Give them a paper plate to draw around to make the moon, and give them a photo of a bunny to look at or help them with a template.


9+ to Adult

16K Baohong Academy watercolor paper 300gsm and Sakura Petit Color Watercolor paint


Step 1

Draw out your bunny and moon.


Step 2

Stretch your paper with tape onto a board (or use a watercolor pad).


Step 3

Build up layers on the rabbit, light to dark, yellow ocre, raw sienna brown, and burnt sienna brown with cerulean blue in shadows.


Step 4

Add grass with some yellow ocre, hookers green.


Step 5

Wet the sky area before painting it. Make sure the bunny and moon are dry.


Step 6

Start painting in the sky with phalo blue, and then ultramarine blue, and then some touches of pearl silver.


Step 7

Mix some ultramarine blue with green to add shadow to the grass and burnt sienna to add shadow to the rabbit.


Step 8

Wait til the sky is dry before wetting the moon area and painting with yellow and gold.


I hope you enjoy the activities. All the materials can be purchased on our WeChat store Civillita Art.