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One of the most well-established international schools in Shanghai, Wellington College, every year offers scholarship opportunities to students who excel in some aspect of their school life, that being academics, sports or arts. Below is all the information you need in order to learn more about the Wellington Scholars, the benefits and how to apply for this amazing opportunity. 

The future will ask a lot of our children. Their success will depend on their ability to adapt and draw connections between a variety of fields of knowledge. They will need to be resilient, self-aware and know how to collaborate across cultures. Meanwhile, a strong sense of values will guide them like a rudder as they navigate the world. Many of these qualities cannot be measured by grades or test scores, but they are essential to holistic education. When we educate pupils in mind, body and spirit, when we help them cultivate not only computation skills but also critical thinking and creativity, our children will grow up to be active participants in life. They are fully engaged in the world and are always ready to make a meaningful contribution wherever they are. They enrich the communities to which they express themselves within. And they set an example for the rest of us.

At Wellington College International Shanghai, there is no stronger proof point of this than our Wellington Scholars.

What makes a scholar

Wellington Scholars are leaders among their peers. The colour-coded pins and ties on their uniforms (yellow for academics, red for the arts, blue for sport) help to distinguish them as role models on campus, setting a positive example for other pupils. In the wider community, they represent our school and embody the Wellington Values of Courage, Kindness, Respect, Integrity and Responsibility, taking a lead role in effectuating change driven by passion for their respective specialisms.

Some of our impressive pupils are Scholars and Aspirants of multiple specialisms


Whether it is for academics, the arts or sports, receiving a Wellington Scholarship is a significant achievement. Wellington Academic Scholars are chosen because they exhibit a singular focus and an unquenchable curiosity in their subject area. Arts Scholars demonstrate an innate talent and an indefatigably creative spirit whether it is visual arts, dance, drama or music. Sport Scholars are awarded to pupils with clear athletic talent and a desire to always go faster, higher, stronger, further.

The scholar’s journey

Regardless of the discipline, Wellington Scholars are challenged and stretched far beyond our already rigorous curriculum. Through independent projects, our Academic Scholars dive deeper into their subject area, developing their research skills and building their capacity for self-guided learning. Classroom learning is supplemented with exclusive excursions off campus to attend speaking engagements or participate in other enriching activities. Scholars are also assigned a mentor who specialises in their preferred area of study. They work closely with our Scholars, providing advice, insight and personalised guidance in their academic enquiries. This equips them with resilience they will need to excel at university and in their careers.

Arts Scholars and Aspirants benefit from deeper immersion in their creative pursuits. Musicians, for instance, attend regular individual voice or instrument lessons and commit to participating in Wellington’s regularly scheduled music recitals. Pupils pursuing dance, drama or musical theatre hone their craft with extra workshop activities and are enrolled in advanced repertoire and Wellington Academy courses. They are also expected to study their artform in IGCSE, IB and co-curricular activities wherever applicable while they actively participate in performances, dance shows and productions throughout the academic year.

Sport Scholars enjoy enhanced opportunities to train and develop greater physical literacy and mastery within their chosen disciplines. For instance, Scholars pursuing sports like football, tennis or swimming benefit from bespoke training sessions with our performance coaches. As the Scholarship Programme continues to develop and grow, Scholars are to co-create Individualised Sports Programmes, (ISPs), which will further support them in providing for higher-end coaching such as mentoring for the psychological aspects of performance, specific fitness programmes and even guidance on nutrition. The College also provides opportunities for Sport Scholars to compete at the highest possible level in their sport through national age group competitions, UTR tournaments for tennis to Academy-level football matches.

Meet some of Wellington’s Academic, Arts and Sport Scholars

Sebastian, Year 11

Academic & Arts Scholar

“My speciality is in the academics and especially studies of the humanities. I am also an Arts Scholar and of course enjoy drama and the theatre. I enjoy the English language immensely. I see my scholarship taking me to very exciting places in the future with a career that makes use of skills in debating. Hopefully taking me to the universities that I would like to go to, certainly something akin to Oxbridge.”

Kayla, Year 13

Arts Scholar

“I specialise in dance and musical theatre. I have several performing arts classes each week as well as Centre Stage at Wellington every weekend which includes singing, acting, dancing training. I like the creative aspects of the arts, I love expressing myself through this medium. The people here are amazing and one of the biggest reasons why I love what I do here. They challenge me by expanding on the material that I am working on.”

Ethan, Year 8

Sport Scholar

“My main specialism is tennis, which is really an independent sport. You rely on yourself and not others. A little error can cause a big change in the outcome of the match. Being a Sport Scholar is a step toward becoming a professional player someday, when I can replicate some of my idols and have a great career. Even perhaps becoming an international coach.”

Where does a scholarship take you

For most pupils who apply to an elite university, outstanding grades and exam scores are a foregone conclusion. A Wellington Scholarship, however, provides a pupil with that X factor that sets them apart from others in the applicant pool. “Universities around the world are always looking for pupils that have pushed their academic passions and pursuits beyond the curriculum,” says Joshua Beard, Wellington Shanghai’s Director of Higher Education, “and that is exactly the kind of opportunity Wellington’s Academic Scholarship Programme provides. Furthermore, many universities, particularly those in the United States, want applicants who will contribute to their broader communities through sports and the arts, making our Sports and Performing Arts Scholarship Programmes an ideal way for our most gifted pupils to hone and showcase their talents to such universities.”

A Wellington Scholarship, therefore, speaks of a pupils’ dedication and focus. Every year, we send Wellington Scholars to top-ranked universities, where they make meaningful contributions. And when they finally graduate, the go out into the world as confident, competent young adults poised to make a positive impact no matter what they pursue.

Do you know anyone who has what it takes to be a Wellington Scholar?

Those applicants who want to join the Wellington community and have interest in the Scholars programme must submit an application form with a personal statement outlining why they believe they would make a good Wellington Academic, Arts or Sport Scholar.

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