Baby Essentials: 6 Non-Toxic Products for Your Baby

Where to find eco-friendly, safe and stylish baby products in China? JOONE has you covered. We are pleased to introduce you to the French brand JOONE. Launched in 2017 to address parents’ concerns about safety and the raw materials used in baby products, they are committed to radical transparency. JOONE shares all information about their products on its website, from the manufacturing process to the components and ingredients of each of their products. 

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These 6 baby products are real must-haves:

1. Clean & Trendy Diapers Made in France

Perfect to keep your baby clean in a fun way
JOONE makes it safer for your baby and a lot more fun for you! Diapers are made in France from the highest quality raw materials, free of endocrine and free of lotion, fragrance and latex. They are bleached without chlorine. 
JOONE also playfully twists the diapers with a French touch. Your baby’s bottoms are now stylish and you’ll love it! 

2. Organic Certified Olive Oil Liniment

Perfect for cleaning during your baby’s diaper change
The JOONE liniment, certified organic by ECOCERT, has been designed for the most delicate skins. It is free of preservatives and contains organic olive oil which gently cleans, nourishes and protects the skin from diaper friction.

3. Organic Certified Plant-Based Hair & Body Wash

Perfect for washing body and hair in bubble bath 
JOONE hair & body wash, certified organic by ECOCERT, cleanses body and hair and will make beautiful bubbles. It is rich in chamomile, orange blossom, and lime blossom floral waters to gently wash our baby’s sensitive skin. 

4. Organic Certified Plant-Based Cleansing Water

Perfect for a gentle daily cleansing
JOONE cleansing micellar water, certified organic by ECOCERT, gently cleanses the face, body and baby bottom, no rinsing is needed. The new must have for cleansing your little ones on a daily basis.

5. Organic Certified Plant-Based Moisturizing Milk

Perfect for hydrating baby’s sensitive skin 
JOONE moisturizing milk organic certified by ECOCERT takes care of your baby’s delicate skin. Rich in olive oil, cotton and aloe vera, it is a true cocoon of softness for your little one, and its irresistible scent makes it perfect for the whole family.

6. Baby Wipes

Perfect for cleaning our baby in any occasion
JOONE wipes are perfect to take to all your family outings and easy to use when changing your baby. Available with water or olive oil composition, both wipes can be used on your child’s body, face or diaper area. 

Where to find JOONE products?


JOONE now delivers to China.

Go to to order products. The products are then sent from France and arrive directly to your home in about a week. JOONE offers free delivery to China for all orders from $150 USD (equivalent to 970 RMB). Or with a monthly diaper subscription, delivery to China is only $8 USD (equivalent to 52 RMB) a month.

If you have any questions or just want to share your experience, you can write directly to



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