Baoyan Paradise Kids Play Center Review

One of our favorite mamas, Sarah, is back sharing her experiences and reviews out and about in Shanghai. Check out her latest article from her blog, Adventuring We Go featuring the Baoyan Paradise Kids Play Center. Thanks again to Sarah for letting us share this article with our Shanghai Mamas community.

Waking up to torrential Plum Rains yesterday we were thankful to have booked tickets to Baoyan Paradise, a children’s indoor play centre, at Daning Shopping Centre in Jing’an North.


I’d found Baoyan Paradise on Dianping. With over 4000 reviews and a score of 4.32 out of 5, I figured it would be worth a visit.


Baoyan Paradise occupies two levels of the building, with the entry to the play centre on the second floor, just as you hop off the escalator. The only other businesses in the building are an early childhood learning centre, Starbucks, and a hairdresser. Everything else has closed down.


We paid 120RMB for an adult+child with additional adults/children costing 50RMB each. However, ticket prices increase for the summer holidays (July/August) to 190RMB adult+child. Upon entering the play centre, we found three mechanical amusement rides; a Jurassic Park simulator, a Merry-Go-Round and a swinging Pirate Ship. My 8-year old daughter tried them all. She loved the Pirate Ship and Jurassic Park simulator. Although, I didn’t realise the T-Rex scene from the movie was playing on the screen inside the ride and she said it was scary but still wanted to go on again. The Merry-Go-Round is very cute; however, Liv found it too tame as it is for younger children.


The mega foam-block building area was a hit for kids (and adults looking to relax) and included a small slide for little ones. Next to this is an enormous ball pit with bridges, towers and slides for younger children. 



Our kids ran for the big slides that connect the upper and lower levels of Baoyan Paradise. There are five slides to choose from (each with an attendant to help the kids); two long bumpy multi-lane rainbow slides, a vertical drop slide that made me feel sick looking at it, a smaller vertical drop slide that drops into a ball pit and an enclosed tube spiral slide.


On the lower level, an attendant rigged Liv into a harness so she could make her way around a climbing frame built over another ball pit. She had unsuccessfully attempted the Amazon climbing frame at River Mall a while ago, but it was much too high, so she loved that the Baoyan Paradise frame was only a few feet off the ground. 
Back upstairs again, there is a very clean looking white-sand play pit. All the kids were wearing rubber hats, and I assume this is to protect their eyes from sand showers. As the children left the sandpit, the attendant gave their legs a blast of compressed air to ensure they didn’t carry any sand out with them. 
Near the sandpit, there is a Lego wall, Foosball tables and an air-hockey table. 
In the main area, there is a craft table with bead and painting crafts costing an additional 30RMB ($6 Aus). And surprisingly there is even a manicure station for adults!The small kiosk sells drinks and ice creams/ice lollies but the rotisserie sausages looked like they’d been turning for a few days. Although you’re not supposed to bring food in, we saw quite a few people with their own lunch boxes and no-one seemed to mind. 
The toilets are clean and tidy with western toilets, toilet paper, soap and hand towels.We went on Sunday of the Dragon Boat Festival which was considered a working day and it was possible to purchase tickets at the door, but I can’t vouch for how busy it would normally be on a weekend or over the Summer holidays.The centre has a strict no-shoe policy, and everyone entering must wear socks. If you forget your socks, expect to pay 100RMB to buy a pair! There are lockers to put your shoes in, but be sure to remember the number of your locker as they are keyless, and to retrieve your shoes you’ll have to let the attendant know which locker to open.Liv really enjoyed Baoyan Paradise and I recommend it for the variety of activities and its cleanliness, but other than the play centre there isn’t a lot to do in this area, and there was nowhere to go for food afterwards other than Starbucks. 
Baoyan Paradise (by Loft)
2nd Floor
716 Lingshi Road, Jing’an
Taxi Card:
Summer (July/August) 09:30-20:30
Low Season 10:30-19:30
Ticket Price:
July/August or Public Holidays: 1 Adult + 1 child 190RMB + 50RMB per additional person
Low Seasons: 1 Adult + 1 child 120RMB + 50RMB per additional person 
  • The play centre is for ages 1-12
  • Adults must wear masks during epidemic time & present green QR
  • Parents & Children to wear socks
  • Children to be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • No eating in the play areas
  • If you leave the play centre during your stay, request a bracelet to return


Sarah Krasicki lives in Shanghai with her husband, Steve, and eight-year-old daughter, Olivia. After moving from Australia to China, in August 2016, she quickly became enamored with Shanghai and Chinese culture. A love of adventure and her passion for writing lead her to blog, Adventuring We Go about her experiences living in China.