Beginner’s Zentangle

The other day, my daughter asked me to fill up a coloring page with her,inspite of whatever pending workload I had  ,I am glad I accepted her offer.I ended up enjoying my time filling those narrow spaces with colors .Recent trend of adult coloring books  and drawing Mandalas suggests , we can all benefit from a short period of creativity,no matter how good or bad we are at it. Here is the an easy Step-by-Step instructions created to us by Natalie and Mae from Craftd Shanghai,on how to create a Zentangle. As the name suggests,it will definitely bring an ounce of Zen into your busy lives.~Kavi



Materials : 

any type of paper

gel pens

OPTIONAL : relaxing music of your choice/or a glass of wine(whatever works for you!)


1. For beginners, we recommend that you start with a doodle sheet. On a piece of paper, create as many patterns as you want. It could be as simple as dots, lines and zigzags. No rules, just doodle your heart out.




2. On another sheet of paper, draw an outline of a drawing that you want to ‘zentangle’ .




3. Freely divide your drawing into sections.




4.Using your doodle sheet , pick a pattern. Repeat the pattern until the whole section is filled up.




5. Keep going until your done. You can even color it in.
Craft’d began in February 2014 as a way of meeting like-minded people in Shanghai.As the group continued to grow, the concept of the Craft’d Studio began to form. They offer high-quality arts and crafts workshops for both children and adults as well as organizing craft birthday parties, baby showers and hen parties. Check out