Pull Up Those Straps Ladies


I used to dedicate 15 to 20 luxurious minutes each morning just to dress up for the day. Many a brain cell was dedicated to deciding if it was a fat or thin day, which body part was in favor and bloat free (its normally the legs for me), which in turn affected if it was a skirt/dress/pants day. This then determined the color palettes, textures, accessories, type of lingerie and the hairdo.

I always knew Mind Mapping has a practical use to it.

Nowadays, I count my Honey Stars if I manage to get a brush through my hair before shutting the door behind me. Obviously I blame the husband and offspring that I’ve picked up along the years for this time constraint. Each morning is now spent coordinating a lot more than just focusing on how I look – sounding the wake up bugle, rousing breakfast and lunchboxes, tracking who-goes-what-where. You get the idea.

Needless to say I no longer have time to match my lingerie – not to mention conduct a monthly line up to ensure that they are in top notch condition to fulfill their destiny.  An article I recently read chided me for this misbehavior and I thought I ought to share what I learnt from it.

Apparently, readers, I was strongly urged to conduct a bra check each time I wear one. My Inner Diva immediately produced a snide chuckle. Yeah, right, as if I had the time to twiddle with my bra. Are you aware how little time I have for myself? But even divas can have their opinions changed.

I learnt that it was vital to conduct a thorough check of a bra before putting it on. In fact, I was expected to adjust those straps each and every time I wear them. Ah, so that’s why I hear groans each time I close a fastener. Those straps were actually telling me they need more leverage to pull the load northwards.

Another Ah-Ha moment I gleaned from the article focused on the purchase of a bra. Apparently a bra should fit snugly on the loosest hook at time of purchase. This is to budget for wear, and in my case weight-gain-related-stretch, that will eventually result in the need for me to fasten my bra to the middle/inner most hook.

See, I always thought that a newly purchase bra should fit into the inner most hook and the middle and outer hooks were for the too-much-chocolate or PMS swollen boob days of the month.

Now why didn’t I think of this before? It all makes perfect sense to me now. Gravity pulls things southwards and since I’ve been blessed with a load that gives gravity a lot to head south with, I really ought to invest in ensuring my load remain in situ at the very least. I mean, honestly, a few minutes a day is for sure cheaper than surgical lifts and tucks that I may require if I don’t pick up my act.