Meet the Shanghai Mamas Committee

ShanghaiMamas is run by a committee of eight dedicated volunteer mamas. We began meeting weekly in mid-March 2010 as the community site was in the early stages of development. Over the next three months we drank a lot of coffee, traded hundreds of emails, shared many laughs, deliberated, discussed, and pondered almost every aspect of the site. We even celebrated the birth of a beautiful baby girl (welcome Evi!!). We have worked hard to make this website a reality and are very proud of how far we have come.

This website isn’t quite finished yet, but bear with us a bit longer as we get the little details sorted out. We are confident that there are great things ahead for ShanghaiMamas.


Committee Members are from Left to Right-

Marie Gepel, Rhian Horwill, Rose Zhang, Melanie Ham, Anne-Marie Twigge

Vickie Johnson (moved back to USA), Mariella Britto

Not pictured- Candy Lim & Melissa Matthews

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