By Candy Lim

Shanghai Career Mamas Group

Since 2006, Shanghai Mamas has been connecting the community of international families to one another. We are introducing a new Shanghai Career Mamas group to help make connections for anyone considering a career transition, re-entering the workforce, looking for business mentorship, or exploring potential new opportunities in Shanghai. This will be a space to ask … Continued

Mamas in Charge: Meet the Shanghai Mamas Executive Committee

It’s an exciting time to be a Mama! Sharing resources and advice, bringing together international families, and connecting Shanghai Mamas across the world is as relevant as ever and our growing team is eager to keep the conversations and fun going. While our grassroots efforts are mostly led by individuals chatting on WeChat or at … Continued

Nurse Candy

So you know how the weather has been lately? One minute bright, sunny, and in the high teens, the next a disappointing grey, wet, and single digit mercury reading. Really Atmosphere, couldn’t you decide which way you want to go? Hormonal imbalance was the response I got and I found myself sticking a hand out … Continued

Meet Working Mama

I am a wife of one, mother of one, and employee to well…one. Hailing from the sunny shores of Singapore, I was plucked from the soaring heights of a New York career to answer to Love’s call in Shanghai. I answer to the name of Candy and am easily bribed by Baker & Spice’s Farmhouse … Continued

Pull Up Those Straps Ladies

I used to dedicate 15 to 20 luxurious minutes each morning just to dress up for the day. Many a brain cell was dedicated to deciding if it was a fat or thin day, which body part was in favor and bloat free (its normally the legs for me), which in turn affected if it … Continued