Cooking Mama: Hopscotch Breadsticks

I’ve been a food blogger since I’m married and found myself in the kitchen a lot experimenting with all sorts of cooking. The internet has opened up my views on the world of culinary, recipes from people around the world & cookbooks or cooking tips and tricks…



…Then one day I found a website about food photography and something in me clicked. This is it. The amount of work put into preparing a certain food is captured beautifully in the photographs. The food looks as good as it tastes. I fell in love with cooking and taking photos of the food.

Four years later the baby came into the picture. It’s a new life with new routines. I had less time in the kitchen or taking photos. Cooking is reduced to the basic, to feed the family. Anything that’s easy and quick to prepare. When the baby starts her solid and became more independent, I felt relieved. It’s cooking time again. I tend to cook more of a baby friendly type of food nowadays.

Breadsticks are easy to make and great for teething. Here’s the recipe:

* 100 grams all purpose flour
* 100 grams bread flour
* 3 gr of salt
* 3 gr baking powder
* 20 gr butter (reduce butter for crunchier bread)
* 200 ml milk

1.) Mix all ingredients together
2.) Add a cup of fillings of your choice (parmesan cheese, sugar, herbs etc)
3.) On a flat surface knead the dough until smooth
4.) Roll them into fingersize, place onto silicone sheet
5.) Glaze with eggwash + add sprinkles of your choice
6.) Bake at 170C about 40 minutes

Dhita is a ShanghaiMamas member and a regular contributor to this site. Please visit her website at to see more of her amazing recipes and delicious photos!

3 responses to “Cooking Mama: Hopscotch Breadsticks

  1. I might try these tomorrow – I have to bring something for a party, maybe I will do a kid’s version and a more ‘sophisticated’ adult one!

  2. I’m drooling over the breadsticks, but also over your lens! How beautifully crisp the focus with shallow depth of field….an f1.4 or a f1.2?

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