Cuisine mei wenti-Everyday Ayi tips by Olivia

Olivia is from France and is a food lover with an eye for nutrition.When she arrived in China she loved having an Ayi to help her out but she also felt the need for a guide to deal with Ayi  ‘wentis’ . “Cuisine mei wenti” cooking school  was born out of the need to iron out everyday kitchen problems like teaching Ayi about balanced and also introducing them to Western cooking, especially the basics of nutrition .Find her on fb . Read this week’s tip:

Cuisine Wei Menti cookbook_FR (1)

Cuisine mei wenti-Everyday Ayi tips by Olivia

“You are going on vacations(or maybe by now packing to come back) for a few weeks and wonder how to occupy you Ayi (maid) while you’re away ? Why don’t you try a cooking program !
Your Ayi may be a great cook but what she fears the most of all, like most helpers, is not having meal ideas. This is what most Ayis  I spoke with confessed to me!  Having new ideas everyday and organizing balanced menu can be stressful. Especially if you are not at home to guide her.
So here is a useful tip from Cuisine mei wenti : Take the time to write a small cooking program with a few menus for each week. As she may not read English and you write Chinese, to make it simpler, choose in a bilingual cookbook like Cuisine mei wenti your favorite recipes and write down the number of the page on your menu planner sheet .You can choose to add image of what you want her to cook or take help of someone who can help you in translation,whichever path you choose,a menu plan is a lifesaver.That will take a weight off her shoulders and be assured that your husband will not order pizza every night! ”

Attached is a Menu planner I love to use,go ahead download it if you want to.


Any other ‘Ayi wentis’ ?