E-learning Journeys at HQIS

By Shanghai Hong Qiao International School (HQIS)


This past month has marked the beginning of E-Learning, and everything has been even smoother than expected. All of our staff, teachers, and students knew what to do, the online platforms and lesson plans were ready, and all the scheduled classes and activities took place regularly. During the past two years, our school has bolstered its online capabilities, and E-Learning has been carefully prepared to deliver a top-quality online curriculum to the homes of our students.  
Here are some “bites” of E-Learning, including class activities, homework, and live sessions. 
Foreign and Chinese teachers of our Early Childhood Department will regularly interact with our students and families for the entire duration of the suspension of classes to support children and help them to keep active.
The great response of our students showed us that E-Learning has been yet again implemented successfully. Our students have been always punctual, prepared, attentive, and committed during and after the lessons.图片
Our online curriculum is not just about having classes using an electronic device. Besides the regular class time, our teachers and educators arranged a series of activities and tasks for our students at home, including sports, to maximize their performances and make sure that they can keep physically and mentally healthy during this period.
PE class for Primary and Upper School students with PE teacher Mr. Jim working out
Upper School Distance Learning Snapshot
Music Class with Music teacher Ms. Jessica


We also believe that providing our students with all the support they need is pivotal during these times of distance and uncertainty. Our teachers and school staff will always be available and provide personalized help and assistance for our students and parents at any time. Positive vibes and human relations are also very important, and we encourage our parents and students to keep in touch with their peers and teachers.
To no one’s surprise, our students and parents, and broader community demonstrated once again that there are no challenges we cannot win or obstacles we cannot overcome. We thank all our families and staff for their ongoing support in the face of this temporary challenge. Stay happy, healthy, and safe!      
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