Easy Baked Muesli Bars

by Recipe Nomad

Easy Baked Muesli Bars are a zillion times better than store bought granola bars!

muesli2Ok so I’m going to be honest. Everyone loves muesli in their yogurt. It’s a great way to start your morning, healthy blah… blah…

So I tried it. I do not like muesli in my yogurt. Nope, I do not like it Sam I am….

Maybe it’s a texture thing but the last time I tried it, it wasn’t a very pretty sight. Now I have a bag of expensive muesli taking up valuable shelf space in my Costco room that I want to use up as quickly as possible.

Determined to not throw away the bag of muesli, I decided to turn them into Easy Baked Muesli Bars. Luckily, this recipe uses lots of ingredients that I have on hand and it’s absolutely scrumptious. As an added bonus, Easy Baked Muesli Bars travel really well. I made a batch of these before we headed off to Vietnam for a week and the kids loved them. I wrapped each bar in parchment paper and stacked them in a disposable Tupperware. The kids and I polished 8 of the 10 bars off before we landed in Hanoi! No shame! An easy and healthy treat!

Little Nomad #2 and I found them a bit sweet but #1 and #3 thought it was perfect. You can easily reduce the amount of brown sugar but do not reduce the agave/honey as you need the liquid to help hold the bars together. But no matter how much sugar you add, these Easy Baked Muesli Bars are AMAZE-BALLS!




Hanady Awada (Recipe Nomad) is a food lover wandering the world with a cookbook and a fork. She’s a loving mother of 3, and has lived in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and since 2013 in China.

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