Egg-citing Taobao Must-haves for Your Easter Egg-stravaganza

Your neighbourhood Taobao expert is back at it again, and this time we will be taking a look at all things Easter to get you ready for a season of pastels, bunnies and chocolate eggs.

In case you didn’t have time to stock up on art supplies from our previous Taobao must haves article, here are a few Easter themed activities to keep the little ones entertained during brunch. The holiday will fall on April 4th this year so you still have some time to get ordering.


If you’re lucky enough to have the space for an Easter egg hunt then you will definitely need these. Fill them up with an item of your choosing and hide them around the house or yard for kids to find.

Search words on Taobao: 复活节彩蛋可打开diy

Can’t find a card or décor you like? No problem, use these stickers to make your own. You know we love stickers!

Search words on Taobao: 复活节Easter Day卡通不干胶贴纸


Search words on Taobao: 复活节贴纸卡通电脑墙门窗装饰

Paint and markers are not included in this set, but they do give you everything else needed to make these adorable ornaments.

Search words on Taobao: 复活节纸巾画美术手工

Put on a bunny fashion show after finishing this DIY party hat.

Search words on Taobao: 道具小兔子耳朵生日帽

With an increasing number of food allergies and sensitivities these days forget boiled eggs and pick up these realistic looking wooden ones instead. Keep them as a lovely keepsake through the years.

Search words on Tabobao: 复活节彩蛋木质仿真

Paint and brushes are included so these “eggs” are ready to go.

Search words on Taobao: 仿真鹅蛋壳涂鸦画画

A twist on the usual egg decorating, these sets come in different themes from Mickey Mouse to Angry Birds and Disney Princesses.

Search words on Taobao: 仿真鸡蛋壳Easter eggs

Turn your body into a work of art with these colourful tattoos. Stay safe though and be sure to do a patch test if you have sensitive skin.

Search words on Taobao: Easter Day卡通纹身水印贴


This is just the tip of the iceberg, but Taobao never fails when it comes to party décor.
Search words on Taobao: 复活节装饰品彩蛋纸灯笼挂件
Glad to see the Rabbit family have made it through quarantine.
Search words on Taobao: 寻奇 复活节装饰兔子挂件
A simple banner can make any gathering seem like a party.

Search words on Taobao: 复活节兔子拉旗拉花拉条

Search words on Taobao: 复活节派对装饰白色燕尾旗拉花

Egg shaped pinata? What could possibly go wrong?

Search words on Taobao: 砸糖道具敲打式pinata复活节彩蛋

You can’t be a true bunny without the ears.
Search words on Taobao: 兔子独角兽帽子生日派对装扮


There are great choices for Easter themed storybooks and activities on Taobao. Try typing the English (or other language) title and you might be surprised. There is also the option to image search.Join in on Peppa and George’s mischief in this sticker activity book.
Search words on Taobao: Peppa’s Egg cellent Easter Sticker
Help these babies find all their Easter eggs hidden throughout these books.
Search words on Taobao: 现货 HERE COMES EASTER
Search words on Taobao: Where Are Baby s Easter Eggs
Kids not into bunnies? No problem! This magical popup Easter unicorn is just what you need.
Search words on Taobao: The Easter Unicorn


Chocolate egg prices are killer this year so we’ll just have to make do without our caramel filled ones (-sad tear -) and put our cooking skills to the test. Who knows, you might actually have some fun in the process.These silicon molds can withstand extreme temperatures; try making your own chocolate eggs, or mini cakes.
Search words on Taobao: Easter Eggs Chocolate Mould
So adorable I’m actually tempted to whip something up!
Search words on Taobao: Easter Egg Bunny Mold
Even if your cupcakes taste horrible– as mine probably will– they will still be the cutest ones at the table with these cases and toppers.
Search words on Taobao: 兔子花朵插牌套组cupcake纸托
The detailing on these molds will have us all feeling like the Mother of Dragons.
Search words on Taobao: 复活节恐龙蛋金蛋烘焙模具
Fill everyone up with sugar, then send them home. Good luck parents!
Search words on Taobao: 吉祥道具动物食品包装袋


If you’re not a fan of the Easter bunny and chocolate eggs side of things here are some links to keep things a bit more ‘traditional’.These books focus on a certain historical character and tells the story of why we celebrate Easter.
Search words on Taobao: 贝贝熊系列 the easter story
A classic story told in a new way:
Search words on Taobao: 原版The Easter Story
I don’t think I’ve ever given a greeting card for Easter, but I just might after seeing this amazing work of art.
Search words on Taobao: 耶稣贺卡十字架3D立体卡片
Search words on Taobao: 高迪系列耶稣受难彩色十字架
We hope you find something meaningful in the selection above to celebrate the holidays.