Emotional support available at ELG

By ELG team



With the continued rise of COVID-19 cases and the extended period of lockdown in Shanghai, we understand the critical need is to support each other during this period. ELG has now launched two types of online services: Online Workshop for Group Training – School Support and Online Counseling Services for Individuals and Families. We introduced the Online Group Workshop last week, please see here for details.

This week we will share more information on the Online Counseling Services for Individuals and Families.

If you are feeling frustrated with the current situation or anxious over the uncertainty of what lies ahead, that is completely okay. You are not alone. These trying times have certainly caused stress to many families, both parents and children alike.

ELG has journeyed with countless families through various seasons of highs and lows. During this challenging period, our caring and compassionate psychologists and counselors are here with you to find strategies together in a self-motivated way.

ELG’s counseling and psychotherapy services are now available online. If you or your child is in need of psychological support, we encourage you to validate your feelings and reach out to us. Contact us to make an appointment! Please see the poster below for more details.