Fencing, Robotics, Music, Art – Dulwich College Pudong’s “Find Your Passion Day”

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong’s ‘Find Your Passion Day’ gives your child the opportunity to try a range of activities including Robotics, Chinese Drums, Fencing and the Arts at one of Shanghai’s top international schools. Additionally, parents will have the chance to visit the campus and meet the head of the Junior School. Don’t miss out! Spaces are strictly limited, so sign up quickly by scanning the QR code in the article below.

“We invite all curious 6-10 year olds and their parents to join our bespoke ‘Find Your Passion Day’ to ignite your true enthusiasm and start your exciting journey with Dulwich Pudong Junior School’s holistic education!”

– Ms. Victoria Foster, Head of Junior School

For this event, your child will have the chance to experience Fencing, Robotics, Chinese Drumming and Art, just a few of the highlighted programmes from our Junior School curriculum.

Parents will hear from Ms. Victoria Foster, Head of Junior School, as well as meet with the Junior School Leadership Team and take an immersive tour of the campus. Both parents and students are invited.

Do you want to know

  • How do I find my child’s passion?
  • How does school develop passion in children?
  • How can parents help their child find their true passion?



Spaces are limited.

Scan the QR code below to sign up for Dulwich Pudong’s Junior School Open Day.

Make your own question list. Our Admissions team and Academic staff would love to talk to you during the Open Day and answer your questions.

We look forward to welcoming you on campus!

Prepare Your Questions

  • Why is it critical to adopt a growth mindset?
  • How to identify my child’s potential?
  • How can my child grow to be an active learner?

Junior School Core Curriculum

Our Junior School curriculum is designed to encourage our students to develop deep understanding and gives them the time they need to reflect and consolidate their thinking. We support our students’ natural curiosity and strive to stimulate their creativity.

Junior School students engage in topic-based learning, a cross-curricular approach that integrates different subject matter under an umbrella topic or area of interest.

Students have dedicated English and Mathematics lessons and specialist teachers for Mandarin, Physical Education, Art, Design Technology, and Music. Where possible, the learning in these subjects is also linked to the current topic.

The curriculum affords students greater autonomy, allowing them to take greater responsibility for their learning. Regular assessments track student progress to ensure all children achieve to the best of their abilities.

Holistic Education in the Junior School

A Dulwich education is a holistic education. Our Junior School students benefit from a strong Co-curricular Activity (CCA) programme which nurtures their talents and interests. The CCAs encompass arts, music, sport, service, and academic enrichment.

Junior School students also have formal and informal opportunities for service learning and building their leadership skills. In this way they develop a strong sense of identity, an understanding of their place in the world, and the desire and confidence to make an impact on the community.

Academic Results

Outstanding IB Results

We are thrilled to announce our Class of 2022 IB students have once again scored highly, achieving an average of 39.8 out of a total of 45 points. This represents the highest average score ever achieved at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and is well above the global average of 31.9.100 percent of our IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) students passed with four students achieving perfect 45 scores24.6 percent of our students achieved 44 or above, whilst 59 percent of our students achieved 40+ points, a particularly impressive accomplishment.

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