Fire Up: BBQ Season Has Arrived, and It’s Delicious


The clouds are starting to lift and the sun is slowly showing us a future full of bright, warm summer days.  When it comes to summertime cooking, BBQ is the go-to way of cooking at the Swiss Butchery.

While many debate the exact origins of the barbecue and what it is, there is one thing we can all agree on. It’s lip-smacking, finger licking, and straight-up delicious. Be it the primal urge to cook over an open flame, the power felt brandishing your favorite pair of tongs, or hovering over someone’s shoulder offering unwanted advice, it’s just not summer without that sweet sound, wafting smoke, and smell of meat on a hot grill.


Fire up your BBQ (or stove—work with what you’ve got), turn up the music, and grab wipes for sauce-covered hands, faces, and clothes. Is it really summer if your kid’s white t-shirt doesn’t get a ketchup stain?


It doesn’t need to be the weekend, a whole hog, or a party of friends for you to enjoy a BBQ.  The Swiss Butchery has a wide range of meats and condiments suited for all occasions. Be it a low and slow weekend cook, or a middle of the week family meal that needs to be on the table with minimum fuss.


Even if you don’t have the space (or legal permission…) to get smokey at home,  you can still get that BBQ feeling with the Swiss Butchery’s meats. 


They have a wide range of delicious homemade sausages. With varieties and flavors from around the world, these bangers are very versatile and ideal for a weeknight meal. Pan fry or grill one of their signature snail shaped sausages; pair it with one of their homemade burger buns for a quick, easy and interesting burger. Yes, they have burger buns—a classic “hard to find in China” product!


All sausages are made in house by their dedicated butchers. They’re healthy, safe, and high-quality for your family.


For a bit of fun and color, they also have pre-made skewers: Garlic and Herb Angus Beef, Mango Curry Chicken, NZ Mint Lamb, and Pork Neck BBQ. All come in a handy 3 pack, ready to hit the grill, or the pan, for a meal that will bring a smile to your face. Easy to cook, easy to handle, these skewers are suitable for all ages.



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