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    (Mother's Day Special!) Share Your Moments


    We mothers often hang our grievances with an insider knowledge that these very children who make us cry, also make us laugh the loudest. This mother’s day, let’s celebrate these endearing motherhood moments together, to remind us that it is all worth it. 

     photo IMG_0936.jpg

    From the latest trend in facials, to a relaxing hot stone massage, Resparkle is teaming up with our friendly partners to pamper mums with the healthiest gifts that they deserve!

     photo JPEG image-1827F4CCE272-1.jpeg

    The most popular picture, decided by audience voting, will receive the following prizes:

    1. Resparkle Organic Home Care Cleaning Products
    2. 5x Cryo World Facials
    3. 150 min Subconscious Spa Bliss Package
    4. Bio-Resonnance Testing from OWNS Clinic & Spa
    5. Kate and Kimi Veggie Box
    6. Lalu Natural Skincare Set
    7. FS Juice Daily Nutrition Pack

    Total value over RMB5,000! Scroll down for more details.

    What you’ll need to do:

    1. Send us your most endearing picture, along with no more than 50 words to describe that moment.
    2. Email it to before 29th April  3rd May 2016.
    3. Shortlisted pictures will be put up for voting.

    Final winner will be announced on 8th May 2015.

    Here’s a tender moment from a Resparkle team member, we want you to share your story too!

     photo IMG_0959.jpg

    We look forward to receiving your entries! Good luck!

    To keep updated with contest details, add our official wechat channel:
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    Special thanks to our sponsors for their dedication to provide the best products and services for their customers:
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    Resparkle Home Care Cleaning Products (6 months worth)

    Keep your home healthy and safe with Resparkle’s all natural and organic certified cleaning products, made with love from Melbourne, Australia.

    Worth RMB 800
     photo GroupShotSquare.jpg

    Cryo Facial (5 Sessions)

    A single Cryo facial takes just 15 minutes and is completely natural, it simply uses sub-zero temperatures to stimulate natural reactions within your body. Each treatment improves your skin tone and delivers an immediately noticeable glow and shine. The collagen inducing procedure will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and looking like you’ve been photo-shopped.

    Worth RMB RMB 1,750

     photo IMG_0082.jpg

    OWNS Clinic & Spa (Bio Resonance Medical TestingPackage)

    A non-invasive medical grade cellular energy and toxicity testing package which can help determine how each cell and organ in our body is functioning and estimates the cellular toxicity levels in our body.

    Worth RMB 1,800

     photo 18102_1098057860220447_4223232859202241885_n.jpg

    Subconscious Spa (Subconscious Bliss Package)

    Begin treatment Classic Earth-Aroma Essence Body Scrub which will relief all negative energy from your body and activate skin metabolism, giving your skin a youthful and glowing look. Then, melt into a 90-minute Signature Hot Stone Oil Treatment that will ease your muscular aches, rheumatic and arthritic conditions and tension.

    Worth RMB 688

     photo _DSC8947_p1 1_1.jpg

    FS Juice (Daily Nutrition Super Pack, 4 bottles)

    All blends are designed by U.S. Certified Nutritionist. Using imported and high quality fruits and vegetables, these juices are a great supplement to our daily nutrition. Thanks to the most advanced flash pasteurization technology, NFC juices preserve most of the nutrients from raw ingredients and while having a longer shelf life of 28 days.

     photo DSC_0295web.jpg

    Lalu Natural Skincare Set

    Lalu is a line of natural skincare products that are all natural and chemical free. Skincare set includes Papaya Mango Body Cream, Citrus Flower Body Oil, Caffein Eye Serum and more!

    Worth RMB 700

    Lalu: +86 136 2192 9535

     photo FullSizeRender 19.jpg

    Kate and Kimi (Veggie box for 2-3 people)

    Kate & Kimi is a community based online grocer that deals in safe and healthy food. They specialize in whole foods, healthy imported goods, “superfoods”, and specialty vegetables and garnishes such as edible flowers and microgreens. The company strives to provide Shanghai residents with natural home products and chemical-free veggies.

    Worth RMB 233

     photo kateandkimi veggie box.jpg

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    Reply To: (Mother's Day Special!) Share Your Moments

    Hey mamas! You can also post your pictures here. So many great prizes to be won. They’ll be put on WeChat for the contest, but you can post here if it’s easier for you.

    Here is my son and I at a Christmas market in Germany.  We’re watching a fire juggler and I’ve never heard him laugh so hard!

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Welcome to Shanghai Mamas Forums Events and Promotions (Mother's Day Special!) Share Your Moments

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