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    Thank You 2016 Shanghai Mamas Party Sponsors!

    Shanghai Mamas would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our generous sponsors for their contribution to the 10th Annual Shanghai Mamas Family Day celebration on 22 October, and the Sunset Sunday Celebration Party on 6 November. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, Shanghai Mamas has been able to raise much needed funds to cover our 2017 running costs to keep our community sustained for another year. It is because of our sponsors that Shanghai Mamas continues to grow and thrive and be able to host our annual family day celebrations.

    The annual party is our primary source of funds. A big thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket to the party, purchased raffle tickets, bid on the silent auctions, and to our AWESOME volunteers who gave up their time and energy to help make the event a huge success every year (before, during and after the event) – you are the heart and soul of Shanghai Mamas.

    Please remember that these community businesses are helping to keep our community alive, so if you do use their services or buy their products, please be sure to tell them that you are a Shanghai Mama and thank them for their support!

    We would also like to thank all the families who made the trek, despite the rain, to the Shanghai Mamas party on 22 October. This community thrives due to the dedication and commitment of our members and volunteers. We are so thankful for your support and our party planning team is already cooking up ideas about how to make next year’s party even better. Stay tuned!

    A full list of sponsors is below. Thank you again.

    The Shanghai Mamas team xx


    2016 Shanghai Mamas Party Sponsors:

    Shanghai Tower

    Yew Chung International School of Shanghai 

    PureSmile Orthodontics and Dentistry

    Financial Tower


    CAD Dental

    Red Leaf International Hospital

    Pacific Prime


    Disney Town


    Pearl Tower


    Sino United Health Clinic


    Baby Bjorn 

    Barefoot Portraits

    Bottles XO

    Forbes of Switzerland


    iStage Academy

    Spin Ceramics

    TEK Shanghai 

    Bund Building

    Tanya Crossman

    Fields China

    Kagen Hatsune

    Louise Hill Design

    Baby International

    Small Prints

    Sheri Hansen

    Soapnut Republic

    Untour Shanghai

    Hue Salon DELETE

    House of Opulence


    Ice Dew ChunYue Water

    Avid Union

    Baby International

    Boxing Cat Brewery

    Mary and Marie

    Pure Living

    Regent Beijing

    Small Prints

    Sofitel Sheshan


    Spread the Bagel

    Lizzies all Natural

    my LOHAS

    Sprout Works

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Welcome to Shanghai Mamas Forums Official Announcements Thank You 2016 Shanghai Mamas Party Sponsors!

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